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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
破産[ハサン, hasan] (n) การล้มละลาย

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
破産[はさん, hasan] (n,vs) bankruptcy; insolvency; (P) [Add to Longdo]
破産を申請する[はさんをしんせいする, hasanwoshinseisuru] (exp,vs-i) to file for bankruptcy [Add to Longdo]
破産会社[はさんかいしゃ, hasankaisha] (n) bankrupt company [Add to Longdo]
破産管財人[はさんかんざいにん, hasankanzainin] (n) trustee or administrator in bankruptcy [Add to Longdo]
破産裁判所[はさんさいばんしょ, hasansaibansho] (n) bankruptcy court [Add to Longdo]
破産[はさんしゃ, hasansha] (n) a bankrupt or insolvent person [Add to Longdo]
破産申請[はさんしんせい, hasanshinsei] (n) petition for bankruptcy [Add to Longdo]
破産寸前[はさんすんぜん, hasansunzen] (n) near bankruptcy; edge of bankruptcy; bumper-to-bumper [Add to Longdo]
破産宣告[はさんせんこく, hasansenkoku] (n) adjudication of bankruptcy [Add to Longdo]
破産[はさんほう, hasanhou] (n) bankruptcy act or laws [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Alas! We are ruined.ああ、もう破産だ。
Your help prevented me from being ruined.あなたの援助がなかったら、破産したろうに。
The insider trading scandal put a lot of people out of business.インサイダー取引スキャンダルによって多数の人が破産しました。
Gambling brought about his ruin.かけごとのために彼は破産した。
This plan will bankrupt the economy of our town.この計画はわが町の経済を破産させるであろう。
The company went bankrupt.その会社は破産した。
We were financially troubled; in short, we were bankrupt.我々は財政的に困窮していた。要するに破産したのだ。
An inexperienced stock speculator could easily let his business go to pot and lose his entire fortune.経験がなくて、株に手を出せば簡単に破産して、全財産を失うことになろう。
High tax and poor sales bankrupted the company.高い税金と売上不振が同社を破産させた。
More and more people these days are getting overwhelmed by housing loans.最近は、ローン地獄で破産する人が増えている。
We're as good as ruined.私達は破産したも同然だ。
If we don't make a last ditch stand at winning that contract, we may very well go under.土壇場で踏ん張ってその契約を勝ち取らない限り、我々は破産も同然だ。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
How does a bankrupt king keep the whole of the Congo working?[JA] 破産した王は どのようにコンゴの 全体を働かせておけるか The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
- Bankruptcy?[JA] 破産 The Hollars (2016)
Walshy signed the business over to Ronnie for a coin.[JA] ウォルシュは 破産を避けるため The Secret of Sales (2017)
I could bankrupt the airline in about four bites.[JA] 5噛みで航空会社を破産させられる Sully (2016)
Paying back double will clean us out![JA] 倍返しじゃ破産する! Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017)
Now it's all Thatcher's fucking children, buying their own council houses, bankrupting themselves with flash cars and shitty double-glazing.[JA] サッチャー政権下で みんなが公営住宅を買い 高級車と二重ガラスで 破産していく Smell the Weakness (2017)
At this point, filing for bankruptcy, it might be your safest option.[JA] 破産の申請が 一番の解決策かもしれん The Hollars (2016)
But everyone can relate to a low born scrapper who rescued his king from bankruptcy and saved the honor of his nation.[JA] しかし 誰もが国王を 破産から救い国の名誉を守れば 低い身分の解体業者でも 語られる The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
Banks are sinking and cities are bankrupt.[JA] 銀行が倒産し 市は破産 Live by Night (2016)
- A lot of private cops folded.[JA] - 多くの民間警察が破産したが The Nice Guys (2016)
It saves the embarrassment to your father.[JA] 父を破産させないように Live by Night (2016)
We can sit down, look at the wiring, and see what needs to be done...[JA] 配線を確認して 破産しないよう − The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (2016)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
破産[はさん, hasan] Bankrott, Konkurs [Add to Longdo]

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