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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
破损[pò sǔn, ㄆㄛˋ ㄙㄨㄣˇ, / ] disrepair [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
You know what?[CN] 虽然有点破损 但我还留着 Uragiri to yokubou (2015)
Stay still.[CN] 也有些破损 放这里更像是种摆设 The Light Between Oceans (2016)
"Cracking its shell would result in an implosion with a blast radius of..."[CN] 外壳破损将造成聚爆 Cracking its shell would result in an implosion 爆炸半径为..." with a blast radius of..." Now Is Not the End (2015)
The adults are wearing hiking boots with standard waffle patterns, and the woman's got an outside heel break.[CN] 大人们穿的是登山靴 The adults are wearing hiking boots 鞋底是华夫饼格子图案 with standard waffle patterns, 而且那个女人的外侧鞋跟有破损 and the woman's got an outside heel break. Young Hearts Spark Fire (2015)
Captain, in a 10 sec I could reroute the energy from the warp core to the impulse engines.[CN] 12层至15层发现船体破损 6.9. 31.21层也发现船体破损 Star Trek Beyond (2016)
Deck 3, the cargo bay and the engine room.[CN] 船长,船体有三处破损 Star Trek Beyond (2016)
It feels almost magical to turn something worn out into something that's... something that's beautiful again, you know?[CN] 把破损的东西变得美丽 是非常神奇的事情 Sinister 2 (2015)
Eh, I feel the artery's missing too large a piece.[CN] 我觉得动脉破损太严重 Bend & Break (2014)
The hull has been breached. That is a leak alarm.[CN] 船身破损了 那是漏水警报 Deep Trouble: Part 2 (2014)
♪' Causeslightlybroken's justwhatIneed♪[CN] "原因略有破损的 正是我所需要的? Babysitter's Black Book (2015)
SUIT BREACH DETECTED[CN] 宇宙飞行服破损 The Martian (2015)
Some structural failure must have set them free.[CN] 一半单元格破损而且已经空了 Spectral (2016)

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