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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
短缺[duǎn quē, ㄉㄨㄢˇ ㄑㄩㄝ, ] shortage [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
It doesn't matter what stock we invest in or what currency we short, we just need a sure thing.[CN] 投资哪支股票并不重要 资金短缺也没关系 我们需要的是确实的把握 Fight or Flight (2013)
Here lies the body of Samuel Shortage, aged 62.[CN] 这里躺着的身体 塞缪尔短缺,62岁。 Final Prayer (2013)
We're pretty cash poor.[CN] 我们资金短缺 Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
Ragnar Danneskold sunk several more ships carrying copper, resulting in more frequent electrical outages.[CN] 沉了几只正在运输铜的船 导致更加频繁地运输电力短缺 Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? (2014)
I'm going to need that cure Sooner rather than later, Hybrid shortage and all.[CN] 我遲早都需要治癒方法 現在混血兒短缺 After School Special (2013)
Chester's Mill is coming up on a serious food shortage.[CN] 切斯特磨坊镇即将面临严重的食物短缺 Thicker Than Water (2013)
Now let me be clear.-- the loss of water on a ship constitutes a singularly dangerous affair.[CN] 请允许我澄清 船上淡水短缺 是非常严峻的事件 Belle (2013)
Fall's half over and the park's having the worst shortage in years.[CN] 秋天已经过了一半 大家在今年都面临着食物短缺的状态 The Nut Job (2014)
If we weren't so shorthanded by the dome,[CN] 要不是因为穹顶降下 我们人手短缺 Thicker Than Water (2013)
Tossed by angry waves and starving for lack of food after all manner of trials and tribulations "Behold![CN] 曾在旅途中遇到大风大浪 更糟的是遇到粮食短缺 受尽了千辛万苦之后... The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)
We're cash-poor at the moment.[CN] 我们目前资金短缺 The Seven Day Rule (2013)
Officially the famine was downplayed, but malnutrition continues.[CN] 官方对这场饥荒轻描淡写, 但是粮食短缺还在继续。 North Korea Undercover (2013)

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