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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
睾丸素[gāo wán sù, ㄍㄠ ㄨㄢˊ ㄙㄨˋ, ] male hormone; testosterone [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Call her. Stop being so testosterone-y.[CN] 拿起电话打给她 别摆出一付臭男人的样子(义同睾丸素) The One with the Evil Orthodontist (1995)
My senses were... corrupted by testosterone at the moment.[CN] 因为我... 当时... 我的睾丸素影响了我的思维 Don't Go Breaking My Heart (2011)
He developed bitch tits 'cause his testosterone was too high and his body upped the estrogen.[CN] 因为睾丸素太高 导致他的雌性激素上升 所以他长出了女人的奶子 Fight Club (1999)
Testosterone, man.[CN] 是睾丸素 Love & Other Drugs (2010)
I take medcoprogesterone.[CN] 我服用了Medcoprogesterone (一种控制睾丸素分泌量的药物) Do No Harm (2009)
So in his teenage years we'll have to ... give him the necessary extra testosterone so that he can develop sufficiently.[CN] 所以在他青春期时我们必须 ... 给他确量额外的睾丸素 这样他才能正常发育. Bullhead (2011)
Your testosterone level is abnormally high[CN] 你的睾丸素比平常人要高出几倍 Look for a Star (2009)
Yeah, violence is directly related to testosterone.[CN] 是的,暴力和睾丸素有直接联系 。 The Narrows (2008)
But then you definitely will have to treat him with testosterone, otherwise ...[CN] 但是你们一定要 给他注射睾丸素, 否则 ... Bullhead (2011)
So that's it? You'll shoot up my little guy with that?[CN] 没错, 睾丸素 能让我们的儿子再长起来. Bullhead (2011)
With my vitamins, my melatonin sleep patches, my bio-identical estrogen cream... progesterone cream, a touch of testosterone...[CN] 有了我的维他命 褪黑素睡眠膏 生物雌性激素霜 黄体酮膏 还有一点睾丸素 Sex and the City 2 (2010)
- Thank you - But peanuts will affect your testosterone[CN] 谢了 不过,花生会直接影响睾丸素 Look for a Star (2009)

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