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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
着力[zhuó lì, ㄓㄨㄛˊ ㄌㄧˋ, / ] to put effort into sth; to try really hard [Add to Longdo]

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Because they save their strength and they wait for the rain to come.[CN] 他们积攒着力量 等待雨季的到来 Rogue (2012)
Like fingertips searching for a hold, this ivy's adhesive pads grip the bark.[CN] 这棵长春藤的黏性吸盘 像寻找着力点的指尖一样 紧紧抓住树皮 Plants (2009)
Concentrate on how you can express the sentiments.[CN] 着力于如何表达这种伤痛 The Battles Part 3 (2013)
As the body's identity was found to be a Joseon, an investigation to know her accurate identity is going on.[CN] 推测被害人该是朝鲜族之后将开始着力调查其身份 The Yellow Sea (2010)
Start putting these wife-killers onto death row, instead of getting them off.[CN] 着力于把这些杀妻凶手扔进死囚监狱 而不是把他们救出来 Nine Hours (2010)
It'll be over in the blink of an eye, but high-speed cameras will capture every millisecond.[CN] 它的脚趾 完全伸展以获得最大的附着力 Speed Limits (2010)
This tendril of a passion flower seems to flail aimlessly in midair, but in fact it's searching for an anchor point.[CN] 这株西番莲的卷须 看似漫无目的地在半空中乱挥 其实它在找一个着力 Plants (2009)
I just talked to London. Well, a little bit of smooth talking, a little bit more money.[CN] 着力游说和加多一点钱便成 The Red Violin (1998)
Through his spirit in your inner being.[CN] {\2cH0080FF}籍着力量 穿过他的灵魂 进入你的内心 Rambo (2008)
I"m focused on building this better service and I still hope to have it in place this year.[CN] 我的"M着力构建 这个更好的服务 我还是希望能有 在今年。 Downloaded (2013)
It means power.[CN] 它代表着力 Casino Jack (2010)
Pray you, be round with him.[CN] 请您对他讲得着力一点 Hamlet (2000)

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