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疗效[liáo xiào, ㄌㄧㄠˊ ㄒㄧㄠˋ, / ] healing efficacy; healing effect [Add to Longdo]

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- It's equal to like taking a Valium.[CN] - 那有疗效么? - 效果和安定相仿 Kaisha (2006)
You tell the patient that this is just its effect, and what happens is that the placebo has the same effect, if not greater effect, than, sometimes, the medication that's supposed to be designed for that effect.[CN] 你告诉患者,这种安慰剂有某种疗效, 那么随后发生的事情就是, 安慰剂好像确实有作用, (即使不是有更大的作用的话), 与原来设计为具有该疗效的药物相比较, (有时有相同的疗效) The Secret (2006)
I think that seeing how another intelligent being... keeps his feet on the ground... would be far more therapeutic for Dennis.[CN] 我觉得看看另一个有智慧的生命体... 是如何在地面上立足的... 对丹尼斯更有疗效 Martian Child (2007)
- It's therapeutic.[CN] - 这有疗效 The Hunting Party (2006)
This isn't a potion.[CN] 这不是试剂 这药很有疗效 It Girls and Beyond (2005)
Is this all there is?[CN] 这就是它的疗效? Walk Like a Man (2007)
How's the therapy coming?[CN] 你的心理治疗效果如何? The Omen (2006)
I do know of an excellent cognitive behaviorist at UCLA who's proven helpful.[CN] 我认识加州大学一个很棒的认知行为学家 治疗效果很不错 Numb (2007)
He believed art could be therapeutic.[CN] 他相信艺术有治疗效 Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007)
Good results are achieved by electroshock therapy too.[CN] 电击疗法也同样取得很好的治疗效果。 First on the Moon (2005)
Hey, what does this cure?[CN] 大叔,这温泉有什麽疗效 Mushi-Shi: The Movie (2006)
I'm hearing good things about the lexapro.[CN] 我听说依地普仑的疗效不错 Kennedy and Heidi (2007)

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