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猖獗[chāng jué, ㄔㄤ ㄐㄩㄝˊ, ] rampant; wild; unchecked [Add to Longdo]

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with the militia growth...[CN] 随着自卫队的日益猖獗 Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (2010)
Faced with rampant crime in certain suburbs, or barrios, the government authorized the construction of an isolation wall around cities classified as high risk.[CN] 某些郊区犯罪猖獗 政府授权沿城市边界建筑隔离墙 将市郊列为高危险区 District B13 (2004)
If we were stopping major crimes like the gang war that's been ripping this city into chunks for almost a month, maybe I'd reconsider.[CN] 如果我们以帮派手段阻止那些 If we were stopping major crimes like the gang war... 让这城市头痛了 ...that's been ripping this city into chunks 一个月的猖獗犯罪 也许我会重新考虑 for almost a month, maybe I'd reconsider. Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)
- Then why the heavy mob?[CN] - 那为什么还是窃贼猖獗? The Con Is On (2004)
Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding.[CN] 社会一旦放任 犯罪就会猖獗 Batman Begins (2005)
What's going on today is a smack problem of epic proportion.[CN] 现在本地区毒品交易很猖獗 Black Dynamite (2009)
In the most AIDS infested region of the globe, where one in four is infected,[CN] 在全球艾滋病最猖獗的地区 其中有四分之一的被感染, Lord of War (2005)
Yes, it's a gang neighborhood.[CN] 是的 那里帮派活动猖獗 Attack of the Xenophobes (2007)
But it does seem that the Gardai just can't control the spiral of crime in the city right now.[CN] 爱尔兰警方似乎对市区 日益猖獗的犯罪束手无策 Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000)
Cock Road which is close by here was a notorious area for lawlessness and so on and then there were the miners themselves, who in 18th century society they must have been the real lowest of the artisans, I imagine.[CN] 靠近这里的Cock路以不法 之徒的猖獗而臭名远扬。 还有矿工们,我猜想他们在18世纪 的社会里肯定是最底层的工匠。 Protestantism: The Evangelical Explosion (2009)
One of the theories is that this is a carjacking or a robbery gone wrong and there's a big uptick in gang activity lately.[CN] 有可能是劫车或者抢劫错了人 最近这附近团伙犯罪活动很猖獗 In the Valley of Elah (2007)
There's the rampant homophobia, no pep rallies for the debate team, which leads to the greater issue, I'm sure, of the highly fascist nature of pep rallies in general, speeches, saluting banners.[CN] 有猖獗的同性恋恐惧症 没有动员辩论队 这会导致更大的问题 我敢肯定 高度法西斯性质 一般的动员会 Drive Me Crazy (1999)

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