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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
牢牢[láo láo, ㄌㄠˊ ㄌㄠˊ, ] firmly [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
So many buildings around here are time capsules, locked away by an impersonal business trust.[CN] 這附近許多建筑都是老古董了 被非私人的商業信托牢牢把持著 Checking In (2015)
They've fitted themselves so tightly into their slots that they no longer have room to escape themselves.[CN] 他们把自己牢牢地嵌在自己的位置上 他们都地方可以回避自己了 High-Rise (2015)
Really?[CN] 这些都牢牢刻印在你的记忆里 It Isn't the Fall That Kills You (2016)
At weddings, newlyweds would give each other rope... and tie themselves together as a symbol of their union.[CN] 婚礼上,新人都互相赠送绳子 并且把他们牢牢的系在一起 A Perfect Day (2015)
Mark me well.[CN] 牢牢记住我说的话 Pan (2015)
Hey![CN] 要说三年航海教会我什么的话 那就是怎样牢牢打个死结 Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
But who we really are... we keep that buried deep inside... where no one can ever find it.[CN] 却把真我... but who we really are... 牢牢藏在心底... S.O.S. Part 1 (2015)
I would ask that you keep both your mouth and your legs firmly shut going forward...[CN] 请你牢牢地管好自己的嘴巴 -还有双腿... XII. (2015)
- Ladies and Gentlemen, the unthinkable![CN] 主动权牢牢掌握在巴西队手中 Pelé: Birth of a Legend (2016)
YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER[CN] 各位要牢牢记住 Sherpa (2015)
Use force if he resists.[CN] 等这位患者拍好片后 就牢牢绑在病床上 Episode #1.14 (2016)
And now, he's gone.[CN] 我就该牢牢抓住他的 and I should've just held onto him. 结果我却推开了他 Instead, I just pushed him away. Evil Handmade Instrument (2015)

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