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She was adventurous... Fearless.[CN] 她愛嘗試 無所畏懼 Valentine's Day Massacre (2010)
He knew what he was doing, and he did it anyway, and he did it to save a life.[CN] 他知道自己在做什麼 他無所畏懼地做了 他這樣做是為了拯救一條生命 Good Mourning (2009)
If we can get through this, we can get through anything.[CN] 我覺得 大風大浪我們都不怕 今後什麼事都可以無所畏懼 Holidaze (2009)
You have to be fearless in your line of work, and now you fear the pain you've inflicted on others has come back to you in the form of sickness.[CN] 你以前總是無所畏懼 現在你卻害怕 你讓他人受到的折磨 全都變為病痛來報應你 Bloodstream (2011)
Then you a woke and, smiling, put your arms around me, kissed me, and I felt there was nothing to fear.[CN] 後來你醒了,微笑著 用手臂環繞著我,吻我... 讓我覺得無所畏懼 La Notte (1961)
- To be fearless.[CN] - 無所畏懼 Daredevil (2003)
Mike, you're not scary. Not even a little.[CN] 你不是在所有的嚇人, 但你無所畏懼 Monsters University (2013)
The Director doesn't understand that his followers are not afraid and do understand him.[CN] 老闆不明白 王子的追隨者們無所畏懼 他們理解王子 Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)
Life does not disconcert me, nor does it delude or terrify me.[CN] 288)}生活不對我礙手礙腳 我對生活毫無所待,我無所畏懼 Francisca (1981)
The late Dr. Ellis Grey was known as a groundbreaker, a lion.[CN] 都知道Ellis醫生敢於創新 無所畏懼 The Time Warp (2010)
I fear nothing.[CN] 我無所畏懼 Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010)
I mean,she was fearless.[CN] 真是無所畏懼 Invest in Love (2009)

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