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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
為政[いせい, isei] (n) governing; administering [Add to Longdo]
為政[いせいか, iseika] (n) politician [Add to Longdo]
為政[いせいしゃ, iseisha] (n) statesman; (P) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I'm out. I don't work for the government anymore.[CN] 我早不干了 不再為政府工作了 Day 8: 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (2010)
I want our clan to have a politician![CN] 我希望他能成為政治家! War (2002)
You ever hear about the Nuremberg trials, Trev?[CN] 為政府工作就不是 Snowden (2016)
Once a nation parts with control of its credit, it matters not who makes the nation's laws...[CN] 並被視為政府最顯著和神聖的職責前 所有那些有關國會和民主主權的談話 都是空洞而且沒有實際意義的... Money as Debt (2006)
I may be acting boss while your old man's a guest of the government but I wish somebody'd tell my bowels.[CN] 你們成為政府的座上客時 或許還能繼續當老大 但我希望有人能醫好我的腸子 它們讓我吃盡了苦頭 46 Long (1999)
You think the government hasn't known about this for years?[CN] 您認為政府那麼多年來不知道 這東西的存在嗎 Storage 24 (2012)
Well, not bad for a state employee, huh?[CN] 就是為了引我出來 我作為政府僱員來說還不錯吧 Red Hot (2010)
My name is Mrs. Frederic. I'm with the government.[CN] 我是Frederic夫人 我為政府做事 The New Guy (2011)
Victims of a corrupt government in bed with the tyrants of Wall Street.[CN] 受害者們因為政府的腐敗 與華爾街的暴君同流合污 Red Dawn (2012)
He might make a politician someday.[CN] 說不定有天 真能成為政治家 Lincoln (2012)
"We will again set an example for the world that the law is not subject to the whims of stubborn rulers."[JA] 「法律が為政者の気まぐれなどでは無い事を 我々が再び世界に向かって示すのだ」 Citizenfour (2014)
They do pharmaceutical testing for the government... and big corporations and...[CN] 他們為政府測試藥物... ... 或者大公司-- Half Baked (1998)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
為政[いせいしゃ, iseisha] Staatsmann [Add to Longdo]

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