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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
混迹[hùn jì, ㄏㄨㄣˋ ㄐㄧˋ, / ] mixed in as part of a community; hiding one's identity; occupying a position while not deserving it [Add to Longdo]

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I don't see how letting some hacker tag along...[CN] 我没看出来让一个黑客混迹其中... 0-8-4 (2013)
See to it that they are distributed amongst the men.[CN] 务必留意他们可能混迹于那群人之中 Jackboots on Whitehall (2010)
I worked only at the top hotels.[CN] 混迹于顶级的宾馆 Edward Mordrake: Part 2 (2014)
They were carried on, to this day, among the Dogon.[CN] 他们混迹在多贡人中 故事沿袭至今 The Visitors (2010)
We wander the world in style.[CN] * 即便流浪混迹 我却已找到永恒的意义 * Chennai Express (2013)
He was in the company of some drifter.[CN] 他跟一群流浪汉混迹在一起, 我们在查全境通告时发现了他 [APB: Changeling (2008)
And, if so, might they still be among us?[CN] 其他生物会不会穿越几百万英里 到达地球并留了下来? 如果是这样 他们是不是混迹在我们之中? The Mission (2010)
So, because of the circles he mixes in, we don't want him coming after us.[CN] So, because of the circles 所以考虑到他混迹的圈子 he mixes in, we don't want him coming after us. Gold Finger (2012)
Okay in a group, part of a team... but somethin' like this?[CN] 混迹于群体中还好 但这样单枪匹马? The Marine 2 (2009)
My university classmates studied Waking Suggestion extensively, now they all end up in advertising.[CN] 我在大学里面那帮同学 他们拚命地学习清醒催眠 而现在他们全部都混迹在广告圈 The Great Hypnotist (2014)
Keeps me out of trouble, out of the bars.[CN] 他带我远离麻烦,不再混迹于酒吧 Milk (2008)
The shape-shifters- We have reason to believe that some of them are amongst us right now.[CN] 这些变形人 我们有理由相信 他们现在混迹于人群 Momentum Deferred (2009)

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