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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[檸, níng, ㄋㄧㄥˊ] lemon
Radical: Decomposition: 木 (mù ㄇㄨˋ)  寧 (níng ㄋㄧㄥˊ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] tree

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
檬(oK)[レモン(P);れもん(gikun), remon (P); remon (gikun)] (n) (uk) lemon; (P) [Add to Longdo]
檬鮫[れもんざめ;レモンザメ, remonzame ; remonzame] (n) (uk) sicklefin lemon shark (Negaprion acutidens); sharptooth lemon shark [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[níng, ㄋㄧㄥˊ, / ] lemon [Add to Longdo]
柠檬[níng méng, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ, / ] lemon [Add to Longdo]
柠檬水[níng méng shuǐ, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄕㄨㄟˇ, / ] lemonade [Add to Longdo]
柠檬浮霉状菌[níng méng fú méi zhuàng jūn, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄈㄨˊ ㄇㄟˊ ㄓㄨㄤˋ ㄐㄩㄣ, / ] Planctomyces citreus [Add to Longdo]
柠檬片[níng méng piàn, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄆㄧㄢˋ, / ] a lemon slice [Add to Longdo]
柠檬茶[níng méng chá, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄔㄚˊ, / ] lemon tea [Add to Longdo]
柠檬酸[níng méng suān, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄙㄨㄢ, / ] citric acid [Add to Longdo]
柠檬酸循环[níng méng suān xún huán, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄙㄨㄢ ㄒㄩㄣˊ ㄏㄨㄢˊ, / ] citric acid cycle; Krebs cycle; tricarboxylic acid cycle [Add to Longdo]
柠檬鸡[níng méng jī, ㄋㄧㄥˊ ㄇㄥˊ ㄐㄧ, / ] lemon chicken [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
- Thank you.[CN] 我給你帶了檬水。 Trumbo (2015)
Should be a pitcher of lemonade in here somewhere.[CN] 這兒應該有一瓶子檬汁的 Memorial Day (2012)
Come on,let's get some more lemonade.[CN] 來吧 我們去喝點檬水 Memorial Day (2012)
Here's your lemonade, dear.[CN] 你的檬水 親愛的 Memorial Day (2012)
Lemonade![CN] 檬汁 Memorial Day (2012)
Probably sitting on the rocking chair sipping Oma's lemonade... and listening for the meadowlark...the eastern meadowlark.[CN] 可能還坐在那椅子上喝著奶奶的檬水呢 聽著草地鷚的叫聲 東草地鷚 Memorial Day (2012)
Then the main course, steamed broccoli with lobster, specially flown in from Maine, with lemon and drawn butter.[CN] 然後是主菜, 西蘭花蒸龍蝦, 特地從緬因州空運, 檬和黃油繪製。 The Ultimate Life (2013)
- Lemon or sugar?[CN] -要檬或糖嗎? The Great Gatsby (2013)
Lemonade?[CN] 檬汽水? Chemistry (2012)
Take that outside, will you?[CN] 把這紮檬汁拿到屋外去 好麼 Memorial Day (2012)
He has to slice limes and order beer and stuff![CN] 他得切青檬,弄啤酒,之類的 Bear in Mind (2012)
Would you bring me some lemonade?[CN] 能給我杯檬水嗎 Memorial Day (2012)

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