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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
梳子[shū zi, ㄕㄨ ㄗ˙, ] comb [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
As one would expect, her hysterical episodes worsened following the engagement, until one night she bit off his ear and gouged out his eye with a comb.[CN] 正如人们所期望的那样, 她歇斯底里发作 恶化 下面接合, 直到有一天晚上,她咬下 他的耳朵 并挖出 他的眼睛用梳子 Stonehearst Asylum (2014)
If you had a comb like this...[CN] 若是这把梳子 便能如此 Over Your Dead Body (2014)
Hairbrush, um, article of clothing...[CN] 梳子 衣服... Helpless (2013)
You guys jump on the bed and sing into hair brushes?[CN] 你们跳上床 拿着梳子唱歌? The Workplace Proximity (2013)
Councilman Hamilton took from his father against the blood that we found inside of Jacob's gun.[CN] 从他爸爸梳子上拿到的头发 与Jacob枪里的血进行对比 Chasing Ghosts (2014)
There's not much in the kitty except a set of ivory-backed hairbrushes and my library of romantic poetry, but when the time comes, these will be yours, along with whatever we haven't already spent on whores and whiskey.[CN] 我没什么积蓄 除了一套象牙梳子 和我的浪漫诗集藏书 等我过世 这些就都是你的了 The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
Now I would like to try on that comb.[CN] 现在我想去试试那把梳子 The Woman in White (2013)
Too much?[CN] 太蓬了? 额 给我个梳子吧 可以吗? Paddington (2014)
The hair I gave them doesn't work[CN] 他们说梳子上的头发没毛囊 Aberdeen (2014)
Hairbrush![CN] 梳子 Sex Tape (2014)
- Greg? - Did you fetch for me[CN] 你给我找到金梳子了吗 Chapter 10: The Unknown (2014)

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