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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
挥手[huī shǒu, ㄏㄨㄟ ㄕㄡˇ, / ] to wave; to flourish (one's arm or a flag) [Add to Longdo]

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Yet all they can do is throw up their hands and offer us their profoundest sympathies.[CN] 可他们能做的只是挥挥手 向我们深表同情 A Blueprint for Murder (1953)
I'll just wave my hand, and there'll be a path, and I'll cross over to the mainland.[CN] I'll just wave my hand, and there'll be a path, 我只要挥挥手,便出现一条路 and I'll cross over to the mainland. 我沿着它直通大陆 Strange Cargo (1940)
Do I say thanks, baby, or were you just waving at something?[CN] Do I say thanks, baby, or were you just waving at something? 要我道谢吗,宝贝? 还是你只不过是挥挥手 Strange Cargo (1940)
When it comes that time in the evening when he wants her full-sized he just waves his hand and there she is.[CN] 到了晚上他想要她变回原样时... 他只要挥挥手她就来了 Dead Reckoning (1947)
Life's like a ball game, you got to take a swing at whatever comes along before you wake up and find it's the ninth innings.[CN] 生活就是一场球赛 无论面对什么 你都得挥手击球... 即使你发现醒来已是必输无疑 Detour (1945)
The day we sailed you waved good-bye to someone on the pier.[CN] 起航那天,你在和谁挥手告别? Dangerous Crossing (1953)
President Eisenhower is waving to the crowds...[CN] 艾森豪威尔总统在向人群挥手 Breathless (1960)
We can wave to him.[CN] 我们可以向他挥手 One, Two, Three (1961)
Well, she explained she was just waving... because everything was so gay and she felt so happy.[CN] 她解释说只是随便挥挥手... 因为气氛很欢乐,她感到很快乐 Dangerous Crossing (1953)
[No Audible Dialogue] She was waving good-bye to somebody on shore... but when I asked her who it was, she said no one.[CN] 那也许能解释露丝的说法 她在向岸上的某人挥手告别... Dangerous Crossing (1953)
- Never mind. Who was it?[CN] - 不重要,和谁挥手? Dangerous Crossing (1953)
- You were standing at the rail waving at someone.[CN] - 你站在围栏那儿,和码头上的某人在挥手 Dangerous Crossing (1953)

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