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The center for the treatment of alcoholism, later, of substance abuse takes its current name, The Clearings, from the original Johnson farm.[CN] 起先只是個戒酒中心 隨後發展成全方位戒治中心... 名字由當初的"莊臣農場" 改爲現在的"淨土" Spartan (2004)
Having a husband in rehab is even better.[CN] 能有个在戒酒中心的老公更好 Perverts & Whores (2012)
There's a sundowner meeting at a.A. I can ask there.[CN] 在戒酒中心有个聚会 我去那问问 Powerless (2007)
Rehabilitation Centre for Alcoholics[CN] 戒酒中心 Drifting Clouds (1996)
How come you're at a. A. It was drugs,not alcohol.[CN] 你怎么会去戒酒中心 你的是毒品 而非酒精 Powerless (2007)
I learned in recovery that he's just tamping down his feelings by eating.[CN] 我在戒酒中心學到 他平息怒氣的辦法是吃東西 Cold Cuts (2004)
You should go to a clinic, and get some treatment.[CN] 你应该去戒酒中心治疗一下 The Hustler (1961)
We're... from Alcoholics Anonymous.[CN] 我們是匿名戒酒中心的人 All Due Respect (2004)
This guy stood up in a.A. ,asked to be stopped.[CN] 这家伙是在戒酒中心 得去阻止他 Powerless (2007)
My success rate is higher than any alcohol treatment center in the state.[CN] 我的治癒率 遠遠高於 美國其他任何一家戒酒中心 Jolly Red Elf (2010)
Mom's on her way back from rehab and she is pissed.[CN] 妈从戒酒中心回来而且很生气 Behaving Badly (2014)
It's kind of getting to be about more than a. A.[CN] 感觉超越了戒酒中心 Powerless (2007)

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