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ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I'm looking for Via Remondini.[CN] 我在找雷蒙迪里街 Il prato macchiato di rosso (1973)
I'm moaning on the deck at night that I didn't mean to leave you.[JA] みんなが寝ている甲板で 低く何度も繰り返す 我在眾人熟睡的甲板上反覆低喃 捨てたのではなく、泣く泣く手放したんだと 我不是拋棄你,我是捨不得你 Cape No. 7 (2008)
L is already involved.[JA] {fnCloisterBlackfe120fs30}L{fnMSPGothicfe128fs14}はもう動いていま す ; 耶~柳生課長登場啦 XD(有玩侍魂的就知道我在說啥) Confrontation (2006)
I'm looking for Paula. Have you seen her?[CN] 我在找宝拉 你看见她吗? The Roommates (1973)
Do you want me to drop you off somewhere?[CN] 你们想要我在哪里让你们下车? Il prato macchiato di rosso (1973)
Yes, um, I'm looking for a book on sex.[CN] 是的 我在找本关于性的书 The Roommates (1973)
Where can I find this place?[CN] 我在哪里能找到这地方? Il prato macchiato di rosso (1973)
When I was Voluntad's age, every afternoon I'd play in the river.[CN] 我是自愿年纪的时候 每天下午我在河边玩 The Castle of Purity (1973)
I'm looking for the drunk but I can't find him.[CN] 我在找醉汉 但我找不到他 Il prato macchiato di rosso (1973)
I saw a package at Aga's place.[JA] 私、アガのところでね 我在阿嘉那邊看到一個郵包 Cape No. 7 (2008)
~ Quit yawning, I'm talking![CN] -别打哈欠 我在说话! The Castle of Purity (1973)
Stay out of this, I know what I'm doing![CN] 别管 我知道我在干什么! The Castle of Purity (1973)

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