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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
急かす[せかす, sekasu] (v5s) to hurry; to urge on; (P) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Now, we don't mean to rush you, but we do have a bona fide offer that expires in an hour.[JA] - さて 急かすつもりはないが あと一時間で失効する 注文があるんだ Edward Mordrake: Part 1 (2014)
Now, are you gonna tell me what it is or are you going to force me to be late to my own annoying friend's Louis L'Amour goddamn western-themed wedding?[JA] だから、このムカつく 西部劇風の結婚式に 遅刻しないよう私を急かすのね? Comet (2014)
I don't want to twist your arm, but these lots are going fast.[JA] 急かすようですが こちらの物件は人気で The Cold in the Case (2014)
Not yet... Don't rush us![JA] せ まだだよ 急かすんじゃねえよ Taima no arashi (2003)
Says here that general josip radik wasshotat longrangeduring hisson'ssixthbirthday.[JA] 急かすようですが こちらの物件は人気で Bones (2005)
Roger that, Vince.[JA] - そう 急かすなよ" - 了解 ビンス The Last Days on Mars (2013)
- Don't pressure me, Barry.[JA] 急かすなよ Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014)
Yeah, I'm not meaning to spring something on you, but the, uh, N.I.H. facilities... best in the world.[JA] えぇ 急かすつもりは無いのですが 研究所の設備は・・ 世界最高です Home (2014)
No. And don't rush me, will you?[JA] まだだ 急かすなよ Detour (1945)
Oh, good. I'm not trying to hassle you, I just...[JA] 《よかった 急かすつもりは なかったんだけど... Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)
Hey, hey! You don't got to shove him like that.[JA] そんな 急かすなよ Any Day Now (2012)
- Let the man breathe, Hermione.[JA] 急かすなよ ハーマイオニー Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

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