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开拓者[kāi tuò zhě, ㄎㄞ ㄊㄨㄛˋ ㄓㄜˇ, / ] pioneer [Add to Longdo]

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Enterprise and Hornet will act on the principle of calculated risk, which means avoiding exposure to attack by superior enemy forces without good prospect of inflicting greater damage to the enemy.[CN] "开拓者"号和"大黄蜂"号 要冒 -定的风险 也就是说,它们必须只有 在能够给敌人以更大的创伤时 Midway (1976)
A pioneering spirit. - You were young![CN] 因为我有种开拓者的精神 Shoah (1985)
But if you clear pearl by 07:00 you'II rendezvous with Enterprise and Hornet on schedule.[CN] 不过如果你七点钟启航 你就能及时与"开拓者"号 和"大黄蜂"号会合 Midway (1976)
Larry, radio Enterprise:[CN] 拉瑞,通知"开拓者"号: Midway (1976)
Let's get Enterprise and Hornet turned into the wind.[CN] 命令"开拓者"号和"大黄蜂"号迎风行驶 Midway (1976)
Dur planes from Enterprise and Hornet should hit the Jap carriers in 1 hour.[CN] "开拓者"号和"大黄蜂"号 的飞机 -小时后可以攻击日军航空母舰 Midway (1976)
They're now just a game and a half back of the Blazers after ending Orlando's magical road run.[CN] They're now just a game and a half back of the Blazers 他们现在只是一个游戏和 半背的开拓者 after ending Orlando's magical road run. 结束后奥兰多的 神奇的路跑。 Grand Canyon (1991)
I can just picture Washington's reaction if I hand over the Hornet and the Enterprise to a cruiser skipper.[CN] 我可以想象,华盛顿方面会怎样反应 如果我把"大黄蜂"号和"开拓者号" 交给 -个巡洋舰的舰长指挥的话 Midway (1976)
The Enterprise and the Hornet are due in by sundown.[CN] "开拓者"号和"大黄蜂"号在日落时到达 Midway (1976)
Enterprise and Hornet are launching every aircraft they've got.[CN] 开拓者"号和"大黄蜂号出动所有飞机 Midway (1976)
With the Lexington gone, the Saratoga laid up, all we've got is the Hornet, the Enterprise and the Yorktown.[CN] "列克星顿"号现在被击沉, "萨拉托加"失去战斗能力 我们现在只剩下"大黄蜂"号, "开拓者"号和"约克城"号 Midway (1976)
Spruance has replaced HaIsey. He takes Hornet and Enterprise to sea tomorrow.[CN] 斯普伦斯代替哈尔西,他明天跟 "大黄蜂"号和"开拓者"号出发 Midway (1976)

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