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幼兽[yòu shòu, ㄧㄡˋ ㄕㄡˋ, / ] cub [Add to Longdo]

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Leaving her cubs she confronts the male head on.[CN] 她撇开幼兽朝着公熊而去 Summer (2009)
It offers a few refreshing mouthfuls for travel-weary cubs.[CN] 它可以让走累的幼兽 爽口一下 Summer (2009)
There are three raptors, one of them's a baby. So the chances are they're a family unit.[CN] 有3只迅猛龙 其中一只是幼兽 Episode #2.1 (2008)
Young are barely up to the task.[CN] 对幼兽来说几乎是不可能的任务 Summer (2009)
She can even supply her babies with two different formulas of milk at the same time one for each generation of young[CN] 她甚至可以同时为它的宝宝分泌两种不同成分的乳汁 每种对应不同发育阶段的幼兽 Australia: Land Beyond Time (2002)
Only one cub was kept, the strongest.[CN] 他只留下一只 最强壮的幼兽 Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)
This female grizzly bear has awoken early to find food for her two-year-old cubs.[CN] 这头雌灰熊 为了替它2岁大的幼兽找食物 早早醒来 Summer (2009)
What are you doing here?[CN] 还有只幼兽 Episode #2.1 (2008)
Deep snow is still a novelty for her cubs.[CN] 对她的幼兽而言 厚厚的雪很新奇 Summer (2009)
A male grizzly will often kill cubs if he finds them.[CN] 如果找到幼兽被公熊找到 他通常会杀掉他们 Summer (2009)
Panicky cubs could easily be lost in a blizzard.[CN] 恐慌的幼兽 容易在大风雪中遗失 Summer (2009)
- And that was a baby, right?[CN] - 那只是只幼兽 对吧? Episode #3.8 (2009)

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