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市委[shì wěi, ㄕˋ ㄨㄟˇ, ] municipal committee [Add to Longdo]

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Several months ago, I had the good providence to stumble upon... this plan of the City Counci"s, a construction plan of epic proportions.[CN] 我偶然发现城市委员会的一个计划... 一个伟大的计划 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Drink with me, party boss.[CN] 和我喝吧,市委書記。 Siberiade (1979)
The council wants it to become run-down.[CN] 市委會想讓這裏變成廢墟,爲什麼呢? 爲了以利益 The council wants it to become run My Queen Karo (2009)
Town council takes pest control very seriously, Mrs. Davis.[CN] 城市委员会是很认真 对待物种控制问题的 Davis夫人 Episode #1.4 (2007)
- A meeting at the City Council,[CN] - 市委会开会 The Corruption (1986)
After your last extension request... and your appeals to city council... was there an amended permit?[CN] 向你提出最后要求 向城市委员会呼吁 有修改过的许可证吗? Life as a House (2001)
OO this morning, an unidentified man threw himself off the Mission City dam.[CN] 00今天上午, 一名身份不明的男子 全身心团市委大坝。 Repeaters (2010)
The Chamber of the city placed some trains in functioning.[CN] 市委敢于把一些有轨电车 送回街道(重新运营) Red Star: The Soviet Union - 1941-1943 (1974)
THIS SIDE OF COMMUNIST CALIFORNIA.[CN] 市委加州的这一边。 The Prince (2014)
In light of the fact... that the city has already received a healthy bid from Mr. Douglas... the Planning Office recommends to the Zoning Board... that we approve the development plan for this proposed shopping center.[CN] 考虑到这些情况 城市委员会已经接受了 道格拉斯先生提供的一笔投标款 Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984)
OO this morning, an unidentified man threw himself off the Mission City dam--[CN] 00今天上午, 一名身份不明的男子扑倒 关闭团市委坝 - Repeaters (2010)
In Mission City... (music intensifying) (thunder rumbling)[CN] 在团市委... (音乐强化) (雷声隆隆) Repeaters (2010)

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