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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
宁可[nìng kě, ㄋㄧㄥˋ ㄎㄜˇ, / ] preferably; one would prefer to...(or not to...); would rather; (would) be better to; (to pick) the lesser of two evils [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I could be dyin' in your arms, I ain't gonna tell you![CN] 我宁可死在你手上 也不会告诉你的 Planet Terror (2007)
No choice -l rather die[CN] 我宁可去死 快点 Rush Hour 3 (2007)
I'd like to think you died for a reason, Mr Eko.[CN] 我宁可认为你的死 不是平白无故,艾可先生 I Do (2006)
If you watched him instead of moping like a dumb-ass martyr![CN] 难道你宁可他像个 该死的烈士在家闲晃吗 La capture (2007)
- What,you would rather have sex with me than talk to me?[CN] - 你宁可和我做爱也不愿说话? What Would We Do Without You? (2007)
I'd rather stay in debt than go to jail.[CN] 我宁可欠债也不想进监狱 Awake (2007)
I'd rather tell you now since we're friends than...[CN] 我宁可先告诉你 I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)
I'd rather turn back. But, honestly, how far could I roll?[CN] 我也宁可回去可是 说实在的 我自己推能推多久 Wild Hogs (2007)
I'm starting to prefer the idea of rheumatism to bee stings.[CN] 我现在宁可风湿痛也不要蜜蜂叮 Episode #1.1 (2007)
Or I realize that you'd rather make up ridiculous stories than be honest with me and I walk out of that door forever.[CN] 或者明白你宁可说漫天大谎 也不愿诚实待我 而我就走出那扇门 Ghost Rider (2007)
That's against the rules. I'd rather not know.[CN] 那就违规了,我宁可不知道 Fermat's Room (2007)
Normally, I'd cut the whole reading of the eyes bit.[CN] 一般来说 我都宁可看都不看 Resurrecting the Champ (2007)

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