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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[媽, mā, ㄇㄚ] mother, mama
Radical: Decomposition: 女 (nǚ ㄋㄩˇ)  馬 (mǎ ㄇㄚˇ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] woman

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[mā, ㄇㄚ, / ] ma; mamma [Add to Longdo]
妈咪[mā mī, ㄇㄚ ㄇㄧ, / ] Mummy (mother) [Add to Longdo]
妈妈[mā ma, ㄇㄚ ㄇㄚ˙, / ] mama; mommy; mother [Add to Longdo]
妈祖[Mā zǔ, ㄇㄚ ㄗㄨˇ, / ] Matsu (goddess) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
No, no, my folks kind of got in the way of that.[CN] 沒有 被我爸打斷了 Revelation (2014)
My mother gave it to me. My dead mother.[CN] 那是我給我的 我去世的 Keep Calm and Carry-On (2014)
I gotta tell you, Sundance, it feels pretty darn good.[CN] 我跟你說啊 Sundance 感覺真他好極了 Simon Roberts Was Here (2014)
- My mother.[CN] - 我 Revelation (2014)
Sam's mom had a history of violent behavior.[CN] Sam的有暴力史 Mommy Dearest (2014)
Sam's mom's in town.[CN] - Sam的在市裡 Mommy Dearest (2014)
Hey, you need to mind your damn business. Yeah, right.[CN] 別他多管閒事 Keep Calm and Carry-On (2014)
Dad, listen, I have no interest in trying to change you or mom, okay?[CN] 爸 我沒興趣要改變你或者 Revelation (2014)
Drug the mother, eat the fetus.[CN] 給下藥 吃掉胎兒 Mommy Dearest (2014)
And your mother wasn't with me.[CN] 但你沒和我一起去 Revelation (2014)
I didn't speak to my mom or sister for seven years.[CN] 我七年來沒跟和姐姐說話 Revelation (2014)
Stop worrying about me, and start worrying about mom.[CN] 別擔心我了 擔心老 Revelation (2014)

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