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The only thing that will keep them alive is buried beneath three feet of snow.[CN] 六千万吨的积雪覆盖在野牛群的领地上 Grasslands (2016)
You'll last two minutes in there.[CN] 在野外你顶多坚持两分钟 穿着那双可笑的鞋就更短了 You'll last two minutes in there. Jurassic World (2015)
- Savage Territory, a Gary Orona gallery.[CN] 我和塔比莎花了很多时间 背上行囊 在野外徒步旅行 我们拍了很多令人惊叹 美丽无比的艺术摄影风景照 After Porn Ends 2 (2017)
But with monkeys this brazen,[CN] 它们比我在野外拍的猴子 要铁石心肠得多 Cities (2016)
Oh, my God.[CN] 我们又不是在野生动物园 Sexy Rollercoasters (2017)
I use it in here, when I think a clerk is ready for his very own desk.[CN] 我在野外打猎时用的 Get a Job (2016)
Each bite risks a broken jaw, but going for the legs is the only way to stop it.[CN] The dogs now have the numbers to bring the wildebeest down. 现在野狗数量足够多 能将角马扑倒 The Hardest Challenge (2015)
Look, we can wait for things to go bad, we lose people... or we can do the hard thing... and choose our fate for ourselves.[CN] She's living out there on her own, 她独自住在野 New Best Friends (2017)
Get your mitts off me.[CN] 我花了大半生的时间生活在野 The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
And the blood found in the Bronco matches a mixture of the defendant,[CN] 发现的血滴也与被告匹配 at the Bundy murder scene match the defendant. 在野马车里发现的血迹 And the blood found in the Bronco The Race Card (2016)
It's going in the wrong direction.[CN] 在野外 光引发动物的各种行为 Cities (2016)
Simpson will be charged with the premeditated deaths[CN] 在野马车里发现妮可和罗纳德的血 And both Nicole and Ronald's blood were found in the bronco. The Dream Team (2016)

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