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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
園芸[えんげい, engei] (n,adj-no) horticulture; gardening; (P) [Add to Longdo]
園芸[えんげいか, engeika] (n) horticulturist [Add to Longdo]
園芸[えんげいがく, engeigaku] (n) study of horticulture [Add to Longdo]
園芸植物[えんげいしょくぶつ, engeishokubutsu] (n) gardening plant [Add to Longdo]
園芸農業[えんげいのうぎょう, engeinougyou] (n) horticultural agriculture [Add to Longdo]
園芸品種[えんげいひんしゅ, engeihinshu] (n) cultivar; cultivated variety of a plant [Add to Longdo]
園芸用こて;園芸用鏝;園藝用鏝(oK)[えんげいようこて, engeiyoukote] (n) (See 移植ごて) small shovel or trowel used in gardening [Add to Longdo]
園芸用具[えんげいようぐ, engeiyougu] (n) gardening tools [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Gardening has been popular for some years.園芸がここ数年、流行しています。
She was reading a gardening manual.彼女は園芸の手引書を読んでいた。
She is reading a manual on gardening.彼女は園芸の入門書を読んでいる。
She has many hobbies, cooking, knitting, gardening, collecting stamps, and so on.彼女は沢山の趣味を持っています。料理、編み物、園芸、切手収集など。
My father taught me the nuts and bolts of gardening.父は園芸の基本を教えてくれた。
"This is ..." "Working glove and trowel. One of a gardening club's basic tools"「これは・・・」「軍手とスコップ。園芸部基本道具のひとつだよ」

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Gardening shears?[JA] 園芸ばさみかな? The Heiress in the Hill (2014)
Claude works in a nursery.[JA] 彼は 園芸店で働いてる The Truth About Emanuel (2013)
There's plenty of other guys that work at garden supply stores.[JA] 園芸用品屋で働いてる男は 他にもたくさんいる The Desert Rose (2013)
You've never gardened a day in your life.[JA] 園芸なんて無縁だろ Chapter 3 (2013)
A historian and a horticulturist.[JA] 歴史も園芸も詳しいのね The Night in Question (2015)
I collect porcelain dolls... and I'm the vice president of the Ames Garden Club.[JA] 陶磁器人形の収集... エームズ園芸クラブ副会長 Spy (2015)
And your mother had a hell of a green thumb.[JA] お前の母親は とんでもない園芸の才能があった Maggie (2015)
This from a man wearing a hat that says "landscaping and gardening supplies."[JA] 彼のかぶってる帽子には こう書いてあるよ 「造園と園芸用品」 The Desert Rose (2013)
Jack sent me down here to find out what you know about gardening.[JA] ジャックがあなたに 園芸の事分かるかって Amuse-Bouche (2013)
Isawit putthere bya dearsweetlady with a pair of garden shears.[JA] 俺の親友の女性に あそこを切られた 園芸はさみで - このクソは何だ? Wild Card (2015)
I checked the ligature marks on Sari's bones, and the jute gardening twine is a match.[JA] サリの骨を確認して 園芸用のひもと一致したの The Source in the Sludge (2014)
A block of ice that was carried in a flat-bed truck that normally carries garden supplies, like flower and grass seeds.[JA] ふだんは花や植物の種子のような園芸品を 積んでいるトラックで 運ばれた氷の塊 The Desert Rose (2013)

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