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国债[guó zhài, ㄍㄨㄛˊ ㄓㄞˋ, / ] government debt [Add to Longdo]

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Massive currency accounts, all in U.S. Treasuries.[CN] 大量的外币账户, 所有美国国债 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)
But moreover, it'll be the first shot in the beginning of a very reckless, extremely dangerous partisan fight that could end in catastrophe.[CN] 众议院令美国债务违约 {\3cH202020}in history the House lets the US default on its debt. 极端危险的党派之争 极可能引发灾难 {\3cH202020}extremely dangerous partisan fight that could end in catastrophe. The Blackout, Part 1: Tragedy Porn (2012)
Gilts at seven.[CN] 国债收益为七 The Reichenbach Fall (2012)
Greek's government bonds have been sold off aggressively.[CN] 消息传出之后,希腊国债被大规模抛售 Life Without Principle (2011)
Thank God for government bonds.[CN] 感谢上帝 国债是个好东西 The Company You Keep (2012)
With modern man made monetary processes a chronic excess of debt is built up at every level of society debt is now regarded as normal... isn't. It's a form of slavery![CN] {\pos(196.32,35.84)}美国债务总额 Four Horsemen (2012)
Pay the Colombian national debt for amnesty?[CN] 买哥伦比亚国债来换特赦吗 There Will Be a Future (2015)
So, to that extent, a huge proportion of China's big debts are hidden.[CN] 大量的中国债务被隐藏起来了 How China Fooled the World: With Robert Peston (2014)
And now, he was offering to pay off Colombia's national debt in exchange for a truce.[CN] 现在 他打算贿赂哥伦比亚国债局 And now, he was offering to pay off Colombia's National Debt 来换取休战 in exchange for a truce. There Will Be a Future (2015)
Money is monetized debt whether it materialized from treasury bonds home loan contracts or credit cards.[CN] 金钱就是货币化的债务 不论是有形的国债 房屋贷款合同 或是信用卡 Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)
European bonds trading is quiet in US market.[CN] 希腊主权债危机,一触即发 欧洲国债在美国本土市场交投淡静 Life Without Principle (2011)

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