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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
否や[いなや, inaya] (exp) (1) as soon as; no sooner than; one way or another; (n) (2) objection [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
The instant he saw the policeman, he ran away.その警官の姿を見かけるや否や、彼は逃げ出した。
He jumped to his feet the moment he heard the news.その知らせを聞くや否や彼はさっと立ち上がった。
No sooner had I entered the room than I noticed the smell not only of tobacco but of gas.その部屋に入るや否や私は、煙草の臭いのほかにガスの匂いがするのに気がついた。
The moment she was alone she opened the letter.一人になるや否や、彼女はその手紙を開いた。
I had no sooner left the house than it began to rain hard.家を出るや否や激しく雨が降り出した。
No sooner had I gone out than it began to rain.外に出るや否や雨が降ってきた。
As soon as I got home, my sister went out.私が家につくや否や妹は出て行った。
On entering the bedroom, she started sobbing.寝室に入るや否や、彼女は泣きじゃくり出した。
No sooner had he arrived than the bus started.彼が到着するや否や、バスは出発した。
Hardly had he entered the room, when she burst into tears.彼が部屋に入るや否や、彼女はわっと泣き出した。
No sooner had he seen it than he turned pale.彼はそれを見るや否やあおくなった。
Hardly had he been a policeman when he ran away.彼は警官をみるや否や走り去った。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Those guys would make me the minute that I walked in there.[JA] 俺がそこを歩くや否や 身元確認するだろう The Undertaking (2013)
I came back as soon as I heard.[JA] 聞くや否や戻ってきたわ Heir to the Demon (2014)
_ _ _[JA] 彼らが現れるや否や 我々は彼らを見つける アレルギーなのね Panopticon (2014)
As soon as he flips, we'll have the forged document you sent to the UN naming Omar Risha a terrorist.[JA] マリア・マルティネスの 殺人未遂で 彼が興奮するや否や 国連に送った 虚偽の文書を持ってる Allegiance (2014)
As soon as he got the chance.[JA] 機会があるや否や The Intern (2015)
As you know, every jerk-off low-life from this side of Rio Grande is gonna pile through that door as soon as the sun comes down, so get them off and get them out.[JA] 全ての貧乏人のアホどもが リオ・グランデ地域の者が 日が沈むや否や Machete Kills (2013)
As soon as my army settles in at the borders the entire Silk Road region belongs[JA] 私の軍が国境で紛争を解決するや否や シルクロードを その全長に渡って手中に収める Dragon Blade (2015)
The problem was, no matter where I went, as soon as I got home,[JA] 問題はどこへ行こうと 家に着くや否や The Intern (2015)
You don't have a choice.[JA] 否やはないんです Maréchaussée (2015)
So as soon as you turn your back, he's gonna put two in your head and keep all the money for himself.[JA] だから振り向くや否や 彼は引き離しそう 自分の為にお金を確保する Death Benefit (2014)
"and he knew that it was mine,[JA] "私の物と知るや否や" Fruit of the Poisoned Tree (2013)
As soon as he opens that door,[JA] ドアを開けるや否や Root Path (2014)

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