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Her name is Brunhild and she is Queen of Iceland.[CN] 她的名字叫做布侖希爾德女王 Die Nibelungen: Siegfried (1924)
This miss is called A'bao[CN] 这个姑娘名字叫做阿宝 Song at Midnight (1937)
The fact is I got Lou working on a book now... called "The Boarding School Girls".[CN] 情況是這樣的,我買斷了Lou正在寫的一個劇本 名字叫做"寄宿學校的女孩" Applause (1929)
The pilot's name was George Zip.[CN] 那机师的名字叫做薛佐治 Airplane! (1980)
Yeah. The title is called Macbeth, by Shakespeare.[CN] 是的,名字叫做是麦克白,莎士比亚写的 Up the Down Staircase (1967)
He was all hairy with a big mouth like this.[CN] 他的名字叫做大龙猫啊 他的毛好多啊 嘴巴是这样子的 My Neighbor Totoro (1988)
It seemed to belong to somebody called Evans- - W. Evans.[CN] 好像主人的名字叫做伊文思 Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)
He told me that Satan's messenger is traveling amongst us.[CN] 祂说撒旦的使者 就夹杂在我们之中 他的名字叫做... Ladyhawke (1985)
His name is Tommy Ross and he's a very nice boy, Mama.[CN] - 那个男孩的名字叫做汤米・罗斯 是个很可爱的男孩子 - 不行 His name is Tommy Ross and he's a very nice boy. Carrie (1976)
This bubbly bonbon is titled... The Raft.[CN] 故事名字叫做"木筏" Creepshow 2 (1987)
This is the leader of an international smuggling syndicate, an Italian by the name of Manterosso.[CN] 这个就是国际走私集团的后起之秀 他是意大利人 名字叫做蒙提苏图 Mad Mission (1982)
I've got a position on a trawler about 15 miles out called the Sea Grass.[CN] 我观测到一艘拖船 大约15海里外 名字叫做"海草". The Fog (1980)

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