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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
各々(P);各各(P);夫れ夫れ(P);夫夫;夫々;其れ其れ;其其;其々;各[それぞれ(各々;各各;夫れ夫れ;夫夫;夫々;其れ其れ;其其;其々)(P);おのおの(各々;各各;各)(P), sorezore ( kakukaku ; kaku kaku ; otto re otto re ; otto otto ; sorezore ; sono re ] (n-t) each; every; either; respectively; severally; (P) [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Make a sentence with each of these words.これらの語を各々使って文を作りなさい。
That means that even if they only have two children each the population will continue to grow rapidly.ということはつまり、たとえ彼らが各々2子しか持たないとしても人口は急増し続けるだろう。
There is a limit of two pieces of luggage for each passenger.各々の乗客には荷物二つの制限がある。
Each of the students has to attend the morning.学生たちは各々その会合に出席しなければならない。
Each student received his diploma in turn.学生は各々順番に卒業証書を受け取った。
One feels that the city has grown slowly and each age has left its mark.都市がゆっくり発展してきたことや、各々の時代がその痕跡を残していることがわかる。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
You know those are like 15 bucks each?[JA] それは各々15ドルだと知ってる? The Intern (2015)
So the transcribers create a record of each user's questions and check VAL's responses-- a human intelligence backing up an artificial one.[JA] それで 点訳 各々のユーザーの 質問の記録を作り ヴァルの応答を確認する Q & A (2015)
In dividing people according to personality and aptitude, we've created a society in which each faction plays a critical role in maintaining the social order.[JA] 個性と適性によって人々を 5つの派閥に分け 各々の派閥が 重要な役割を果たして 社会秩序を維持しています Insurgent (2015)
The only question is, how severe the punishment, how many generations of each should I wipe out.[JA] どのくらい厳しい罰に処すか 各々の何世代を崩壊させれば良い Last Knights (2015)
But if there's one lesson I can teach you, it's that each of you knows in your heart what is right...[JA] ひとつ覚えておいて 欲しいのは― 各々が正義を わきまえる事だ Right (2016)
We each have our roles.[JA] 各々役割がある The Red Woman (2016)
Each loss is unbearable, but when it's someone you know...[JA] 各々の損失は耐えられないが あなたがそれが誰か知った時... Control-Alt-Delete (2015)
Each possible move represents a different game.[JA] 各々の可能な動きが 別のゲームを意味する If-Then-Else (2015)
Each one was someone's daughter.[JA] 各々もだれかの娘だ Under the Knife (2015)
Descending the tree, we descend the social ladder.[JA] 木の下の方に移動していき 社会的地位も下がる 各々の枝で Monkey Kingdom (2015)
I think we've all taken a really big step in resolving this conflict.[JA] 各々が理解出来ただろう この対立を Corporate Retreat (2015)
The soldiers assume their positions.[JA] 兵士達は各々の位置に 就きます Monkey Kingdom (2015)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
各々[おのおの, onoono] jeder, jedes [Add to Longdo]

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