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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
变态[biàn tài, ㄅㄧㄢˋ ㄊㄞˋ, / ] metamorphosis; abnormal; anomalous [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Well, in fairness to your father, when he called you an idiot loser, you had just signed up for a two-year course in California called "Unleash Your Calling."[CN] 你姐姐变态 你爸也变态" Okja (2017)
- I'm hanging up.[CN] 不过主要是因为我浪费了一生的时间 和你这种变态讲电话 Smell the Weakness (2017)
We do deals, and these are the deals we do.[CN] - 你个变态 Okja (2017)
Shit![CN] 屋内陈年的嫖客体臭及汗味 加上24小时不间断的变态来电 Smell the Weakness (2017)
Ana, give me your hand.[CN] 我知道自己有多变态 {\3cH000000\fs20}And I know how fucked up that is. 我发誓如果你能回来 我就不再施虐 {\3cH000000\fs20}I swore that I would stop it if that's what it took to get you back. Fifty Shades Darker (2017)
You know what I mean.[CN] 那鬼玩意儿令我毛骨悚然 你愿意和一群变态共处一室 看他们狂拍少女裸照 Close Encounters (2017)
At a highly-respected institute for the advancement of human potential where many a forward-looking CEO go.[CN] 我爸就是变态 弗兰克 那样说他一点不为过 Okja (2017)
"I manufactured the napalm that made everybody's skin fall off."[CN] 从20世纪60年代开始 疯狂的激进分子就说我们变态 Okja (2017)
We weigh a single one of them, and let it out.[CN] 我在想或许我们应该改变态度了 Einstein: Chapter Eight (2017)
Your sister was a psychopath. Your father was a psychopath."[CN] 是他们变态 对吧 米兰多小姐? Okja (2017)
And this is a man who called his child an idiot loser.[CN] "你这个变态 Okja (2017)
"You're a psychopath.[CN] 你不是变态 Okja (2017)

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