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Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
It's mean of you to talk that way.そんなふうに言うなんて卑怯だ。
I have no patience to hear her out.私は卑怯者には我慢ならない。
He was denounced as a coward.彼は卑怯者だと非難された。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Because it's just not fair.[JA] だって 卑怯(ひきょう)じゃない Reason (2017)
Wouldn't you call that being unscrupulous?[JA] それを"卑怯"と 言うんじゃないのか Uragiri to yokubou (2015)
I know it's cheesy to kiss ass, but it's worse to not give credit where it's due.[CN] 向强者屈膝固然是卑怯的 但藐视强者的更不是东西 知道吗? The City of Violence (2006)
Thanks, dickless. And I mean you.[JA] どうも 卑怯者 アンタよ Deadpool (2016)
I thought Makoto was such a coward.[JA] (望月)やっぱ 慎さん 何か卑怯だなと思ってました Showing His True Colors (2015)
I'm hurting so much in the heart.[CN] 太卑怯了吧你 Episode #1.8 (2016)
You coward.[JA] 卑怯だな Gods of Egypt (2016)
Violence at such a range is so impersonal.[JA] この距離からは、卑怯 All Good Things Must Come to an End (2015)
You no-good sneaking sidewinder. Let me down out of here.[CN] 你这没用的卑怯响尾蛇 让我下去 Calamity Jane (1953)
I wanted you to know that, by your world's standards, I am a man of honor.[JA] 君たちの世界の基準で、私は 卑怯者でないと知ってほしかった。 Blood Bonds (2016)
How many times you done this, you motherfucker?[JA] " 暗闇が怖いか?" これを何回繰り返した? 卑怯 The Wall (2017)
But say you're my friend and shoot me in the back, the only angle I see is a fucking snake.[JA] だが友人だと言い 背中から撃つ 俺の見てるのは 卑怯者だけだ The Wall (2017)

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