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刚果民主共和国[Gāng guǒ mín zhǔ gòng hé guó, ㄍㄤ ㄍㄨㄛˇ ㄇㄧㄣˊ ㄓㄨˇ ㄍㄨㄥˋ ㄏㄜˊ ㄍㄨㄛˊ, / ] Democratic Republic of Congo [Add to Longdo]

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Perhaps the biggest threat to wildlife is the competition for space with the rapidly-growing human population.[CN] 野生动物最大的威胁恐怕是 {\3cH202020}Perhaps the biggest threat to wildlife -growing human population. 乌干达和刚果民主共和国的边界 {\3cH202020}Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Future (2013)
In a forest close to Congo's border with Rwanda, we meet members of the country's newest rebel army known as M23.[CN] 在刚果与卢旺达边境的一个森林里 刚果民主共和国战局 冲突已无和平解决可能 我们见到了该国最新一支反叛军的成员 Virunga (2014)
[speaking English] I was sworn in as warden by the park authorities in Kinshasa in August 2008.[CN] Emmanuel de Merode 维龙加国家公园主管 我在2008年8月 受命于金沙萨的公园监管局 来这里担任主管 金沙萨 刚果民主共和国首都 Virunga (2014)
You will be taking men into the DRC.[CN] 你要带人进入刚果民主共和国 Sniper: Reloaded (2011)
The latest reports from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the unclaimed assassination of the Minister of Mining has triggered violent confrontations in the capital city of Kinshasa.[CN] 来自刚果民主共和国的 最新报导 矿业部长在首都金沙萨 被不明身份的罪犯暗杀 The Gunman (2015)
The Democratic Republic of Congo is the scene of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world according to the United Nations.[CN] 刚果民主共和国 根据联合国的报告 这里正在爆发 全世界最严重的人道主义危机 The Gunman (2015)
The Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa.[CN] 在非洲,刚果民主共和国 Sniper: Reloaded (2011)
I was asked to go Zaire for 2 months.[CN] 对了,他们邀请我去扎伊尔 (刚果民主共和国在1971年至1997年用此名字) 两个月。 Beloved/Friend (1999)
"Into events in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006."[CN] 金沙萨事件 刚果民主共和国 2006年 The Gunman (2015)
Our main story from Africa, where the Minister of Mining and Natural Resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo has triggered a burst of reactions from the international community this afternoon by announcing the decision to cancel and renegotiate all pre-existing contracts with foreign mining companies.[CN] 来自非洲的重要报导 刚果民主共和国 矿业和自然资源部长 今天中午在国际社会 The Gunman (2015)

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