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列岛[liè dǎo, ㄌㄧㄝˋ ㄉㄠˇ, / ] archipelago; chain of islands [Add to Longdo]

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The Diaoyu, or Senkaku Islands as they are now called by Japan were not part of the Shimonoseki Treaty, because Meiji Imperial Japan had annexed the islands in 1895 in a moral infringement against China's sovereignty.[CN] 钓鱼岛 或日本人称为尖阁列岛的岛屿 本不是《马关条约》中的内容 因为明治政府于1895年吞并了这些岛屿 Diaoyu Islands: The Truth (2014)
It relies on 270 sea-based antennas covering the entire archipelago,[CN] 依赖270度海底发射网络覆盖列岛 Vexille (2007)
About the time Japan split off from Eurasia.[CN] 2千万年前 日本列岛从欧亚大陆分离了出来 Nihon chinbotsu (2006)
It is now clear... the Japanese archipelago will sink within five years.[CN] 现在已经明确 日本列岛将在5年内沉没 Nihon chinbotsu (2006)
But now it's being felt more frequently in the west, close to our border.[CN] 列岛的东边 可是最近在东边 也是我国的西边交界处 Tidal Wave (2009)
The probability is 50% within 30 years... and 80% within 50 years.[CN] 犹金考库斯博士 美国地震预测委员会成员 日本列岛沉没的概率 未来30年中有50% 50年中80% Nihon chinbotsu (2006)
In this connection it is interesting to know that only in 1900 that the Imperial Japan had adopted the name Senkaku for these islands that had always been known since ancient times by their Chinese name, the Diaoyu Islands.[CN] 另外 还有件值得玩味的事实 那就是 直到1900年 日本才采用了"尖阁列岛"这个名称 Diaoyu Islands: The Truth (2014)
Hawaii is the remotest island chain on the planet.[CN] 夏威夷是地球上最偏远的列岛 Fish (2009)
The Japanese archipelago, located on the edge of the plate... will be pulled into the ocean by changes in the earth's crust.[CN] 位于板块交错处的日本列岛 将受巨石崩溃拖累 因巨大地壳变动 被吸入海底 Nihon chinbotsu (2006)
These images, based on our research, show the end of the Japanese islands.[CN] 您看到的画面 是根据我们的研究结果描绘的 日本列岛最后的样子 Nihon chinbotsu (2006)
No, I mean the Japanese in this era .[CN] 不 应该说这个时代连日本列岛都还没出现 Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Dinosaur (2006)
Investigations with this drill-ship... examine changes in mantle flow in the 'Japan Trench'... which runs parallel to Japan in the Pacific Ocean.[CN] 日本列岛以东 横跨太平洋的日本海沟 因观测到海沟底部的地幔活动异常 国际海洋发展中心的地球号 开始展开钻探调查 Nihon chinbotsu (2006)

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