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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
兵家[へいか, heika] (n) soldier; tactician; strategist [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
兵家[bīng jiā, ㄅㄧㄥ ㄐㄧㄚ, ] military strategist in ancient China; military commander; soldier [Add to Longdo]
兵家常事[bīng jiā cháng shì, ㄅㄧㄥ ㄐㄧㄚ ㄔㄤˊ ㄕˋ, ] commonplace in military operations (成语 saw) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Now with Chosen Company, they went into an area that they knew was going to be contested.[CN] 天选连与我们同在 他们知道这是兵家必争之地 Restrepo (2010)
It's a place of frequent conflict[CN] 越是自古兵家必争之地 The Warring States (2011)
None of us thought that the service prepared us only for immediate victories.[CN] 参军不一定就会打胜仗 胜败乃兵家常事 Katyn (2007)
LEONARD: Oh, come on. Some battles you win, some battles you lose.[CN] 胜败乃兵家常事 The Middle Earth Paradigm (2007)
Then when the news catches the others' interest we'll sell it in one fell swoop.[CN] 如果我们能掌握的兵家必争之地,我们一定能掌握所有这些领域。 怎么样? Gangnam Blues (2015)
We can't fight both ends, and we'll lose[CN] 我军首尾不能相顾 此乃兵家必败之势 White Vengeance (2011)
Failures are common in wars.[CN] 胜败乃兵家常事 Legendary Amazons (2011)
War cannot be won through a single tactic[CN] 独步单方,乃是兵家大忌 Just Another Pandora's Box (2010)
Manchuria had been a battle ground through out the centuries, as China, Japan and Russia fought bitterly for control over it.[CN] 几百年来是兵家必争之地 中国、日本、俄国都曾为了这片土地鏖战 Diaoyu Islands: The Truth (2014)
I'm sure you guys heard.[CN] 胜败乃兵家常事 拳击手也是赢了输 输了又赢 CounterPunch (2017)
It's alright, it happens[CN] 没事胜败乃兵家常事 Three Kingdoms (2008)
But you and Wiley did have a conversation with Elise outside the soldiers' home, did you not?[CN] 但你和Wiley确实和Elise有过一场谈话 就在士兵家的外面 没有吗? Red Lacquer Nail Polish (2013)

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