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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
共謀[きょうぼう, kyoubou] (n,vs,adj-no) conspiracy; complicity; (P) [Add to Longdo]
共謀共同正犯[きょうぼうきょうどうせいはん, kyouboukyoudouseihan] (n) criminal conspiracy (participation in the planning a crime, but not its execution) [Add to Longdo]
共謀[きょうぼうしゃ, kyoubousha] (n) conspirator; accomplice [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
共谋[gòng móu, ㄍㄨㄥˋ ㄇㄡˊ, / ] conspire [Add to Longdo]
共谋罪[gòng móu zuì, ㄍㄨㄥˋ ㄇㄡˊ ㄗㄨㄟˋ, / ] conspiracy [Add to Longdo]
共谋者[gòng móu zhě, ㄍㄨㄥˋ ㄇㄡˊ ㄓㄜˇ, / ] conspirator [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
That's impossible, unless... unless you were working with Simon.[JA] サイモンと 共謀しない限り― こんなことありえない Care (2016)
This is a conspiracy. You can't expel the whole year,[CN] 這是共謀,妳不可能把整個班級退學 Wild Child (2008)
Sookhee will be my mouse, work as her maid, eavesdrop on her, stay by her side and gently persuade her to fall in love.[JA] スッキは私と共謀して 彼女の召使いとして働く 彼女の側にいて 優しく彼女を説得する 恋に落ちるように The Handmaiden (2016)
He was poisoned by the same conspirator who was behind the shooting of the Crown Prince of Japan, the same conspirator who, even now, is plotting to provoke a war against Japan.[JA] 毒殺されました 同じ共謀者によって 日本の皇太子妃狙撃の 黒幕と Fallout (2016)
Detroit conspired to suppress the converter, proving they would rather poison our air than spend a little bit of money.[JA] デトロイトはコンバーターの隠蔽を共謀して、 ちょっとお金を使うよりも 空気に毒を放つ方を選んだって判明した The Nice Guys (2016)
"was he then complicit in the capitol tragedy?"[JA] "共謀したのではないか?" Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
I'm talking about shared banking practices. I'm talking about collusive behavior.[CN] 而是共同的銀行實務 共謀的行為 State of Play (2009)
Heydrich and his co-conspirators will be the only victors.[JA] ハイドリッヒと彼の共謀者が 唯一の勝者になるでしょう Fallout (2016)
Conspiracy to commit murder.[JA] 殺人の共謀 Sent on Tour (2015)
If superman was not involved, if he's got nothing to hide, then why hasn't he been seen since the day of this tragedy?[JA] 共謀でないならー 隠れる必要はないはずなのに 何故姿を見せないのか? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
This is a dangerous game. We must bring the rest of Regents in on your plan.[CN] 這場遊戲太危險了 我們必須 召集其餘執法者共謀計劃 Emily Lake (2011)
To help you join the sacrament of conspiracy, and in the name of the holy sacrament, I command you to be witnesses to these lovers who symbolize the sacrament of marriage between you all and our hapless homeland.[CN] 為幫助你們 加入共謀的聖禮 以基督聖禮的名義 我推薦你們是拯救家園 The Devil (1972)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
共謀[きょうぼう, kyoubou] Verschwoerung, heimliches_Einverstaendnis [Add to Longdo]

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