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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
光天化日[guāng tiān huà rì, ㄍㄨㄤ ㄊㄧㄢ ㄏㄨㄚˋ ㄖˋ, ] the full light of day (成语 saw); fig. peace and prosperity; in broad daylight [Add to Longdo]

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But even when you got all four, what can you do with 24 people who are all linked together in the midst of the day after a shooting party in a place that's crowded with Germans?[CN] 但即使你把所有四个人都干掉了, 你又能拿全被锁在一起的24个人怎么办呢 (更何况)是在光天化日之下 在一个到处 是德国人的地方进行了一场枪战之后? Occupation: Holland - 1940-1944 (1974)
See, in another 25 years you'll be able to shake their hands in broad daylight.[CN] 再过25年, 你可以光天化日握他们的手 Blazing Saddles (1974)
IT HAPPENED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT[CN] 【光天化日之下】 It Happened in Broad Daylight (1958)
If the world is to know that it is Rome that will not have a king then let us make it the honorable act of free men in the light of day.[CN] 我们就自由、公然、光荣的... 在光天化日下去争取 Cleopatra (1963)
In plain daylight, boss?[CN] 光天化日之下? Yojimbo (1961)
- He ran away in broad daylight.[CN] - 他已溜走了,光天化日之下 Yojimbo (1961)
You swiped that man's purse right in front of everybody.[CN] 你在光天化日之下夺人财物 Zatoichi's Pilgrimage (1966)
I hope in no place so unsanctified, where such as thou mayst find him.[CN] 我希望他是在光天化日之下 你们这些鬼东西不敢露脸的地方 Macbeth (1971)
The bad ones will scowl at you and go about their evil deeds in broad daylight.[CN] 坏人有张坏人脸 光天化日便干起坏事来 Zatoichi's Pilgrimage (1966)
Lucky they werent armed today ln broad daylight?[CN] 幸亏那帮洋鬼子,今天没有带枪来 光天化日,在公共场所? The Way of the Dragon (1972)
It happens in the bright daylight... with the sun flooding everything in a light of pure gold.[CN] 刚好是在光天化日之下... 太阳将大地万物 笼罩在纯金般的光辉之中 Lust for Life (1956)

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