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You'd find it difficult to hear under water.[CN] 你会发现在水里是很难听清楚的 Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
Take the path through the wood. You'll find her at the other end.[CN] 穿过树林的路,你会发现在她在另一端。 Cleanskin (2012)
Some teenager you met at the grocery store![CN] 青少年吸,你会发现在店里。 Dark Circles (2013)
You'll find temper tantrums won't help you at Aurora House![CN] 你会发现在曙光之家,发脾气使性子都没有用! Cloud Atlas (2012)
So, if you notice in the graph there just been, really uh really great long term affects on the patients.[CN] 如果你注意到这条曲线,你会发现在患者身上会作用很长的时间 Side Effects (2005)
You'll gonna notice there's no trace... of the steroid in blood or bladder.[CN] 你会发现在血液或膀胱中 没有类固醇的痕迹 Pathology (2008)
Because the book had been a worldwide publishing success that you could find in every country.[CN] 因为你会发现在任何一个国家 这本书的出版都是大获成功 Jodorowsky's Dune (2013)
Do you realize how much love that is?[CN] 如果你们相遇了, 你会发现在爱情才是最重要的 How Much Do You Love Me? (2005)
This doesn't look like the Egypt stuff you find at the British museum, eh, guys?[CN] 这看起来并不像埃及的东西 你会发现在大英博物馆,哎,伙计们? The Pyramid (2014)
If you don't settle your bill soon, you'll find yourself on my hook.[CN] 若你不缴清你的帐 有天你会发现在我的屠勾之上 Delicatessen (1991)
You'll hit the highway in about four miles.[CN] 你会发现在"4"之后的万里路 Campfire Tales (1997)
You'll find the project a well-oiled machine.[CN] 你会发现在项目运转良好的机器。  ()

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