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估算[gū suàn, ㄍㄨ ㄙㄨㄢˋ, ] assessment; evaluation [Add to Longdo]

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Close enough. I'll take it.[CN] 乔伊 我想重新估算一下我的寿命 Going in Style (2017)
Before I begin, I would first like to thank my wonderful fans and my dear, dear studio family for their unwavering support of me at this terrible time.[CN] 只要还没抓到她 As long as she's unaccounted for, 我们完全无法估算她会害死多少人的性命 there's no way to calculate how many lives are in danger. Monsters (2016)
- Eugene.[CN] - 据我估算... - Eugene - Well, by my reckoning... No Way Out (2016)
Miss carter, a visitor.[CN] 我们完全无法估算她会害死多少人的性命 there's no way to calculate how many lives are in danger. Life of the Party (2016)
That's three off Sipe's estimate. That's incredible.[CN] 比赛培的估算就少了3个,太不可思议了 Spotlight (2015)
Staggering recidivism rates, even for a country as jail-happy as this one.[CN] 司法统计局估算出 2005年释放的 The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that nearly two -thirds 四十多万名犯人中 有三分之二 of the 405,000 prisoners released in 2005 Folie a Deux (2016)
The targeted assess a 65 to 75% chance... of fatal injury should we proceed.[CN] 目标估算她有65%到75%的可能性 遭遇致命伤害 Eye in the Sky (2015)
Mr. Scott, welcome to Slovenia. What are you looking for?[CN] 我们估算美国NASA的代表来南斯拉夫会很欣喜 Houston, We Have a Problem! (2016)
The motor has broken, and with the boat flooding, the crew must head for the bank.[CN] 我们已经估算出江豚似乎会出现在这里 这样就可以靠无人机追踪了 所以这应该是最佳拍摄机会了 Jungles (2016)
The fbi forensic accounting people[CN] 调查局的法务会计估算了遗产价值 Heirlooms (2015)
You can only assume those deaths.[CN] 这些死亡你只能估算 Eye in the Sky (2015)
Ma'am, I need you to run the collateral damage estimate again with this girl out front.[CN] 夫人,我需要将女孩包含在内后 再进行一次附带损伤估算 Eye in the Sky (2015)

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