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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
伤口[shāng kǒu, ㄕㄤ ㄎㄡˇ, / ] wound; cut [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Instead of waiting to get better before you meet a guy, why don't you meet a guy and see if that helps you get better?[CN] 与其等伤口慢慢愈合后 再找男朋友 为什么不主动出击 找个帮自己疗伤的男朋友呢? Gone (2012)
I poured whiskey on it.[CN] 我在伤口上倒了威士忌了啊 The Baytown Outlaws (2012)
The wound still hurts, doesn't it, Cassandra?[CN] 伤口依然很痛吧,卡珊德拉? Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker (2012)
Tell him you don't know how you Could have come across holding the money that you are... and the cuts on your arms and face.[CN] 告诉他 你不知道在哪里我 所有这些钱 手臂脸部伤口 Tomorrow You're Gone (2012)
What happened here?[CN] 这伤口怎么弄的? The Baytown Outlaws (2012)
Do you have any other wounds?[CN] 你还有其他伤口吗? Simon Killer (2012)
I have not done well?[CN] 我不得不关闭上的伤口 Battleground (2012)
Looks like it's busted pretty bad.[CN] 你的伤口看起来很严重 Better Angels (2012)
I'll charge your mobile. But get that cut cleaned, eh?[CN] 我来给你的手机充电 但先清理下伤口吧? Angels of Sex (2012)
- Infection is setting in.[CN] -伤口感染了 The Baytown Outlaws (2012)
Ah, that is a nasty scrape.[CN] 伤口真深啊 Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker (2012)
- When we get clear of here, we're gonna have to find some tinder, cauterize the wound so he doesn't bleed out.[CN] 要找火源烧灼伤口 才不会血流不止 好吧,没别的办法,快点 Triggerfinger (2012)

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