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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
事件表[じけんひょう, jikenhyou] (n) docket [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
It's a docket number.[JA] それは訴訟事件表に記録する番号よ YHWH (2015)
On behalf of the Prime Minister, let me take this opportunity to express your government's deepest sympathy.[CN] 借此机会我谨代表总理和政府 对此事件表示深深的遗憾 对死难者及其家属的表示深切同情 Pilot (2009)
You're his clerk, just get us on the docket.[CN] -fetched. 你是法官的文书 帮我们加进诉讼事件表就好了 {\3cH202020}You're his clerk just get us on the docket. The Rat (2006)
The event show support Lieb on the face of mounting SEC claims.[CN] 事件表明尽管受到SEC的指控 但里布依然支持者众 Hijacked (2012)
The police has expressed their condolence and promised a thorough investigation[CN] 警方对事件表示惋惜 并承诺会尽力追查 Infernal Affairs (2002)
Once again, sorry about the mix-up.[CN] 再次对乌龙事件表示歉意 Surprises (2013)
Both Washington and Whitehall has so far refused to comment on the arrest...[CN] 美英政府目前均对该起事件表示无可奉告 Legacy: Part 6 (2015)
He's not even on the docket anymore.[JA] 奴の名前は 訴訟事件表にも載ってない Red Sauce (2009)
That actually worked out to show that we were determined to protect the lives of these animals, but of course it made it very difficult to return.[CN] 那次事件表明了 我们保护这些动物的决心 但当然,他们归国时困难重重 The Cove (2009)

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