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Longdo Dictionary ภาษาจีน (ZH) - ไทย (TH) (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
乞讨[qǐ tǎo] (vi ) ขอทาน

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
乞讨[qǐ tǎo, ㄑㄧˇ ㄊㄠˇ, / ] beg; go begging [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Well, it's just until I get this job, and by the way, it's looking good, so I'm sure your therapist would be fine with that.[CN] 米切尔,你知道, 我不介意帮助你摆脱困境, 尽管我的治疗师 是我乞讨 停止使您。 The Escort (2016)
Of course you are not begging.[CN] 你当然不是在乞讨 Straight Outta Compton (2015)
Mark and Simon can help.[CN] 回到了人行道上乞讨 一周七天 T2 Trainspotting (2017)
I'm sorry![CN] 会像阿加特那样靠乞讨为生 Beauty and the Beast (2017)
A lesson in parenting, gentlemen.[CN] you're gonna find yourself {\fnMicrosoft YaHei\fs21\bord1\shad1\2cH111211\b0}你在路旁的雪堆边上乞讨 {\fnMicrosoft YaHei\fs14\bord1\shad1\2cH111211\b0}begging for pocket change from a roadside snowbank {\fnMicrosoft YaHei\fs21\bord1\shad1\2cH111211\b0}腿边上靠着个嗷嗷待哺的婴儿 {\fnMicrosoft YaHei\fs14\bord1\shad1\2cH111211\b0}with an infant in your lap. NSFW (2016)
I stand here today humbly begging my colleagues to forgive my temporary insanity and let me back into their strong party.[CN] 今天我站在这里 虚心乞讨同事 原谅 我一时失去理智 让我回 到他们的强力党。 Accidental Love (2015)
When I was eight, I begged enough money to buy my first bucket of oysters.[CN] 我八岁时,靠乞讨来的钱 买了第一桶牡蛎 Hardhome (2015)
We came upon the bodies on our way here.[CN] 女孩不用再乞讨了 {\3cH000000\fs30}A girl is not a beggar anymore. Home (2016)
When a man does the job, he's supposed to get paid, and you making it seem like I'm beggin' for some shit that's technically mine.[CN] 有好好工作就要拿到薪水 你搞得我好像乞讨 原本就属于我的东西 Straight Outta Compton (2015)
My whole life has been spent begging here.[CN] 我的一生都在这里乞讨 My whole life has been spent begging here. The Wrath (2015)
And you beg to the temple since childhood, presenting yourself as lame, yes?[CN] 你自儿时便来神庙乞讨 And you beg to the temple since childhood, 那时就是瘸了的样子 对吗? presenting yourself as lame, yes? The Wrath (2015)
The Mustang shudders, begging to cut loose and show what it can do.[CN] 野马振动乞讨,我会得到它 自由,给它来显示它能做什么。 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

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