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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
中音[ちゅうおん, chuuon] (n) (1) mediant (music); (2) baritone; contralto; (3) medium tone; medium pitch [Add to Longdo]

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When you're dipping down into your middle register, sometimes[CN] 勇于尝试的冒险精神 你唱到中音区的时候 The Knockouts, Part 1 (2013)
Mezzo.[CN] - 中音 - 啊! - Mezzo. The Theory of Everything (2014)
Now I need some baritone.[CN] 再来点中音 Now I need some baritone. Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
Their baritone has fallen ill.[CN] 他们的男中音生病了 Their baritone has fallen ill. Woman in Gold (2015)
As far as German opera goes.[CN] 对我来说 You know, I was always 菲舍尔·迪斯考更合我的胃口 more of a Dietrich Fischer 德国男中音歌唱家 The Assassination of Eddie Morra (2016)
Thousands of calls met with busy signals.[JA] 何千もの電話の 話中音がしました Prophets (2014)
in this case, a mezzo soprano played Octavian.[CN] 這裡面是女中音演屋大維 Heavy Meddling (2014)
They have this legendary status among musicians, for sure.[CN] 他们有这样的传说 其中音乐家的地位,肯定的。 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (2012)
They've got these new systems that are now sonar systems that would--[JA] 水中音波を拾う装置で 何かが水に入ると― Phoenix (2009)
Well, she is a baritone.[CN] 嗯,她是一个男中音 Life Partners (2014)
Yes. Alto.[CN] 是 中音萨克斯 Ida (2013)
Emma, are you familiar with the great baritone Romeo Fidanza?[CN] 艾玛 你知道伟大的男中音罗密欧菲丹扎吗? Emma, are you familiar with the great baritone Romeo Fidanza? Madame Bovary (2014)

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