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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[丞, chéng, ㄔㄥˊ] to aid, to assist, to rescue
Radical: Decomposition: 氶 (zhěng ㄓㄥˇ)  一 (yī ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] one

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[じょうしょう, joushou] (n) prime minister (in ancient China) [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[chéng, ㄔㄥˊ, ] deputy [Add to Longdo]
[chéng xiàng, ㄔㄥˊ ㄒㄧㄤˋ, ] the most senior minister of many kingdoms or dynasties (with varying roles); prime minister [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
He could become a minister![CN] 我家振衡可是 当相的人才啊 The Face Reader (2013)
It's unavoidable to stop Su-yang![CN] 左不这么做 难道你们就不明白 无法防备首阳吗 The Face Reader (2013)
You have to tell him to stop this nonsense with yellow tags.[CN] 大相要 强力劝告金宗瑞大人 要立刻停止黄色标签游戏 The Face Reader (2013)
If we do that, it'll only make Su-yang happy.[CN] 可如果我们束缚了 金宗瑞左 最开心的应该是首阳大君了 The Face Reader (2013)
Sine when is he in char_e of security?[CN] 何时起左都插手警备了 The Face Reader (2013)
Lord Kim, are you that afraid of Su-yang?[CN] 左你就那么害怕 首阳大君吗 The Face Reader (2013)
Nonsense.[CN] 相个屁 The Face Reader (2013)
I heard them talking.[CN] 我可是亲耳听见左相 下令治治这小子的 The Face Reader (2013)
Tell him to focus on educating the young king.[CN] 左管好在位小皇上的 教育就好了 The Face Reader (2013)
Right now he has a small position, but if he keeps lying it'll be hard to become even a small town o_icial.[CN] 现在处于最底层 所以没什么大碍 骗了那么多的人 别说相了 当个御前都难 The Face Reader (2013)
Vice Premier Kim ordered us to come.[CN] 奉左之命而来 The Face Reader (2013)
That kid could become a minister![CN] 他是可以当相的材料 The Face Reader (2013)

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