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一般说来[yì bān shuō lái, ㄧˋ ㄅㄢ ㄕㄨㄛ ㄌㄞˊ, / ] generally speaking; in general, #27,726 [Add to Longdo]

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Typically, these type of slopes drop precipitously after cresting, meaning it could end suddenly, at any moment.[CN] 一般说来,这种曲线 会在冲到顶之后立刻陡降 事件可能会突然结束 The Happening (2008)
They usually look like crap over there.[CN] 一般说来 那的女人都很丑 The Intouchables (2011)
You're bitter. I remember lots of times when no one got hurt.[CN] 你的口气很酸 一般说来,是不会有人受伤的 Cruel Intentions 3 (2004)
Normally it takes four weeks for hoppers to become adults, but when the conditions are right as now their development switches to the fast track.[CN] 一般说来,若虫需要 经过4周才能变成成虫 但如果条件允许,譬如现在 它们的生长过程就会切换到快车道 Deserts (2006)
- I am feeling lucky.[CN] 一般说来我们是很走运的 Ukroshcheniye ognya (1972)
At one point, it was commonly believed... that Mars was inabited by an ancient civilization... that had dug an intricate system of irrigation channels... and the annual darkening of the planet... was interpreted as the growing season of plant life.[CN] 一般说来,通常认为... 火星上曾经有古老的原住民居住... 他们挖掘了错综复杂的灌溉水道... Martian Child (2007)
USDA says, in Iowa, that for every bushel of corn we produce, we're losing 44 pounds of topsoil on average.[CN] 在爱荷华州, USDA 说, 哪一为每蒲式尔 玉黍蜀,我们生产, 我们正在损失 44 磅 上层土一般说来 GMO OMG (2013)
Ordinarily, I'd make sure you went behind bars.[CN] 一般说来 我会把你送进监狱 Proteus (2013)
Fear, generally speaking, is unhealthy.[CN] 一般说来恐惧是不健康的 Sheer Madness (1983)
in this style in general it's just a procedure it's a procedure must be done[CN] 这种形式 一般说来就是个实践过程 都是必经阶段 Summer Storm (2004)
Usually, Alzheimer's patients have more of a problem with short-term memory.[CN] 一般说来 老年痴呆症患者 的短期记忆很差 Absolution (2010)

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