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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
一口气[yī kǒu qì, ㄧ ㄎㄡˇ ㄑㄧˋ, / ] one breath; in one breath, #4,912 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Blow our noses, too.[CN] 深吸一口气 不管你们信不信 我知道有个人... The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
You used to write a whole chapter at one sitting.[CN] 以前,你一口气能写一整章 Angel Face (1953)
Have a beer on me, Sam, and throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder.[CN] 我请你喝杯啤酒吧,萨姆 你好好松一口气 The Naked City (1948)
Be a relief at that.[CN] 我好松一口气 Foreign Correspondent (1940)
Balancing on the outside ledge and not touching the sides of the windows.[CN] 然后一口气喝完一瓶朗姆酒 War and Peace (1956)
"The last soul to die each year, the one who gives up the ghost at the stroke of midnight, is destined to be Death's driver during the coming year."[CN] "他是全年里最后一个要死去的人 他恰好在除夕的钟声敲响12下的时候 呼出了最后一口气,他命中注定在 即将到来的新年里成为死神的车夫" The Phantom Carriage (1921)
My dear, when you hear what it is, you will simply expire.[CN] 亲爱的,当你听到是什么事情 你会大呼一口气 The Palm Beach Story (1942)
Why don't you give me a break, Lu?[CN] 让我喘一口气好吗 Lifeboat (1944)
If you know what's good for you, let me get this off my chest.[CN] 让我一口气 把心中的话都说完吧 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
- I could eat a half dozen right now.[CN] 我能一口气吃掉六条 The 39 Steps (1935)
I can finally breathe here.[CN] 我终于可以喘一口气 ...And God Created Woman (1956)
I gasped.[CN] 我倒吸一口气 Blackfish (2013)

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