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All you needed was a sap to pin it on. You just met me.[CN] 你需要的只是一个傻子做你的替罪羊 The Big Lebowski (1998)
Well, of course, she's a bit dumb.[CN] 对,不错 她是一个傻子 Suzanne's Career (1963)
Goes to water on a dummy.[CN] 和一个傻子一起搅混水 Mad Max (1979)
He was so good, Roy, he could just play with a mark[CN] 他是如此出色, 罗伊, 他能和一个傻子 一起演双簧 The Grifters (1990)
Shoving me in a class for dildoes.[CN] 把我放在一个傻子班里 Léolo (1992)
Are you really that silly?[CN] 从来没有过 那你还真是一个傻子 Les Cousins (1959)
Say, who do you think you're talking to?[CN] 你以为你在跟谁说话? 一个傻子吗? Detour (1945)
Why on earth would the board want a nitwit to be president?[CN] 到底为什么董事会要让一个傻子来做总裁? The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)
And a fool instead of an heir.[CN] 我要个儿子 老天爷却给了我一个傻子 Marketa Lazarová (1967)
If you want a retard living out in the garage, I guess that's your business.[CN] 如果你让一个傻子住在车库里 那是你的事 Sling Blade (1996)
In Cambridge they'll sayi was a sissy or a fool![CN] 在康桥他们说我是一个娘娘腔、一个傻子 The Canterbury Tales (1972)
A foolish man.[CN] 一个傻子 Union Station (1950)

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