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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[, wo] (prt) (1) indicates direct object of action; (2) indicates subject of causative expression; (3) indicates an area traversed; (4) indicates time (period) over which action takes place; (5) indicates point of departure or separation of action; (6) (See が) indicates object of desire, like, hate, etc.; (P) [Add to Longdo]
[, woba] (prt) (arch) (See ) marks object of action, etc. (also adds emphasis) [Add to Longdo]
以て;以って[もって, womotte] (adv) (uk) by (means of); with [Add to Longdo]
介して[かいして, wokaishite] (exp) using as an intermediary; through [Add to Longdo]
基として;元として[もととして, womototoshite] (exp) (See 元にして) based on; built on; made from [Add to Longdo]
経て[へて, wohete] (exp) (See 経る) via; passing through [Add to Longdo]
元にして;基にして[もとにして, womotonishite] (exp) (See 元として) based on; built on; made from [Add to Longdo]
限りに[かぎりに, wokagirini] (exp) (See 声限りに) as of the end of (today, this month, etc.); to make (today, etc.) the last (day) [Add to Longdo]
巡って;廻って;回って[めぐって, womegutte] (exp) in regard to; concerning (usu. of disputes) [Add to Longdo]
措いて[おいて, wooite] (exp) (uk) other than; excluding; without [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
I help him.私は彼手伝います。
Let's fly kites.凧上げしよう。
The sign '&' stands for 'and'.&という記号は、and指す。
The mark "&" stands for "and".&のマークはandの文字表す。
Go to the doctor to get your prescription!処方箋もらうために医者に行きなさい。
"I sailed around the Mediterranean in a schooner when I was seventeen," she recited slowly and carefully.「17歳の時スクーナー船で地中海航海したわ」彼女はゆっくりと注意深く言う。 [F]
"Six pence per second" Bob reminds her.「1秒6ペンスだからね」とボブが念押す。
"What does U. F. O. stand for?" "It means Unidentified Flying Object, I guess."「U.F.Oとは何表しているの」「未確認飛行物体のことだと思う」
"Can I use your dictionary? "Yes, here you are."「あなたの辞書使ってもいいですか」「はい、どうぞ」
"What are you always thinking about?" asked the little white rabbit.「あなたは、いつも何考えているの?」と小さい白いウサギが聞きました。
"When do you watch TV?" "I watch TV after dinner."「あなたはいつテレビ見ますか」「夕食後です」
"Have you finished it?" "On the contrary, I've just begun."「あなたはそれ終えましたか」「それどころか、今始めたところです」

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
If you'll give me that chance, then hug me with all your might.[JA] チャンスもらえるなら できる限りの力で 抱きしめてください Emotions (2017)
I try to write books that are interesting.[JA] 面白いもの書きたいと 思ってるんだけどね Emotions (2017)
150)\blur3}The sequal of the never ending stroy 150)\blur3}Even if it's in the dark[CN] 150)\blur3}暗闇彷徨っても Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from Paradise (2014)
But why protect me?[JA] でも どうして僕 Emotions (2017)
Hey, isn't that Red Hanson?[CN] êぃ琌簙此盾 Puppies and Kittens (2014)
Is this gonna take long, Curly?[CN] - 临璶盾  The Drama in the Queen (2014)
Hitomi, in the invitation, it said someone might lose their life, right?[JA] ひとみちゃん 招待状には 命失う可能性があるって 書いてあったんだよね Emotions (2017)
Give me a chance.[JA] 私にチャンスください Emotions (2017)
Before the future comes completely undone I'll ask again. What's one thousand minus seven?[CN] 200)}行進と信仰は常軌逸したクイズのようだ Tokyo Ghoul (2014)
Finding something that I love and then losing it,[JA] 大事なものが出来るのも それ またなくすのも Emotions (2017)
Z's got Red?[CN] 圾玶 Puppies and Kittens (2014)
150)\blur3}If you can find light in this wish going through time[CN] 150)\blur3}時越えここから Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from Paradise (2014)

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
単位として[たんいとして, wotan'itoshite] in increments of [Add to Longdo]

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