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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
ちゃち[, chachi] (adj-na) cheap; rubbishy; shoddy; roughly made [Add to Longdo]
茶々;茶茶[ちゃちゃ, chacha] (n) disruption [Add to Longdo]
茶々を入れる;茶茶を入れる[ちゃちゃをいれる, chachawoireru] (v1,exp) to tease; to make fun of [Add to Longdo]
茶抽出物[ちゃちゅうしゅつぶつ, chachuushutsubutsu] (n) tea extract [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
To say that it gives the impression of a cheap toy is unfair to cheap toys.ちゃちなおもちゃみたいな」と言うのは、ちゃちなおもちゃに対して失礼です。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
It's a little late in the day to grow a conscience, don't you think?[JA] 良心がとがめるにしちゃちょっと 遅くないか? All in the Family (2014)
Probably some herpes-ridden crotch of a town like this, I suspect. - Deputy.[JA] たぶんちゃちい町にいたよ Silent Night (2012)
I want it done today, too[JA] ちゃちゃっと今日中に はい よろぴくー Honey & Clover (2006)
A prefect. A small prefect. Small, small, small.[JA] 舎監だ ちゃちな舎監 チャチ チャチ チャチ The Chorus (2004)
Oopsy-daisy.[JA] あちゃち Arthur Christmas (2011)
Did you say quick and easy?[JA] 「ちゃちゃっとですって? 」 Episode #1.3 (2012)
BUT if we do this quick and easy,[JA] 「だって 今 ちゃちゃっと切っちゃえば→ Episode #1.3 (2012)
Blasted new-fangled gadgets.[JA] ちゃちな道具だな Crossroads (1986)
Sort of cramped for a department chair, huh?[JA] 学部長にしちゃちょっと狭苦しい部屋だ You Do It to Yourself (2012)
You dare threaten me, Thor, with so puny a weapon?[JA] 俺を脅してるのか そのちゃちい武器で Thor (2011)
I suppose it is a little odd-- flattering if you think about it.[JA] その言い方は お世辞にしちゃちょっと奇妙だな M. (2013)
Just let me tie this bridge real quick and then we have a deal.[JA] この橋をちゃちゃっと結んじゃうからさ そしたら話は決まりだ Friendship Is Magic, Part 2 (Elements of Harmony) (2010)

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