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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
ええ[, ee] (int) (1) yes; that is correct; right; (2) um; errr; (3) huh?; (4) grrr; gah; Must I?; (adj-f) (5) (ksb [Add to Longdo]
ええじゃないか[, eejanaika] (exp) (1) isn't it great?; (n) (2) carnival-like religious celebrations (e.g. dancing festivals) that occurred across Japan from June 1867 to May 1868 [Add to Longdo]
ええと(P);えっと[, eeto (P); etto] (int) let me see; well; errr ...; (P) [Add to Longdo]
ええ加減にしいや[ええかげんにしいや, eekagennishiiya] (exp) (uk) (ksb [Add to Longdo]
会厭[ええん, een] (n) epiglottis [Add to Longdo]
会厭軟骨[ええんなんこつ, eennankotsu] (n) epiglottis [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
"Won't you come with us?" "I'd be glad to."「いっしょにきませんか」「ええ、喜んで」
"When did you buy it?" "Let's see. I bought it last week."「いつそれを買ったの」「ええと、先週でした」
"Yes, it is," said the Little House to herself.ええ、ここがいいわ」と小さいおうちも言いました。 [F]
"Ah, that's true," Susan puts in, "I just wanted to call to ..."ええ、そうね」とスーザンが言葉をさしはさむ。「私が電話したのは・・・」
"Yes, all right," says Mrs. Lee.ええ、わかったわ」とリー夫人が言う。 [F]
"May I borrow this pen?" "Sure, go ahead."「このペンを借りてもいいですか」「ええ、どうぞ」
"May I use this telephone?" "Go ahead."「この電話をお借りしてもいいですか」「ええ、どうぞ」
"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Not at all."「たばこを吸ってもかまいませんか」「ええ、かまいません」
"Do you mind if I smoke?" "No, I don't mind at all."「たばこを吸ってもかまいませんか」「ええ、少しも」
"Would you mind me smoking?" "Certainly not."「タバコを吸ってもよろしいですか」「ええ、どうぞ」
"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Not in the least."「タバコを吸ってもよろしいですか」「ええ、結構ですとも」
"Would you mind shutting the door?" "No, not at all."「ドアを閉めて下さいませんか」「ええ、いいですよ」

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Yes.[JA] (みどり)ええ Emotions (2017)
That's right. Your cooking is not that bad.[JA] ええ 道間さんの料理も なかなか悪くないですよ Ready (2017)
Yes.[JA] (三浦)ええ Ready (2017)
-Yes.[JA] (千葉)ええ Appeal (2017)
Yes.[JA] ええ Ready (2017)
Sure. What is it?[JA] (記者)ええ 何でしょう? Reason (2017)
Really? Michi is in real trouble.[JA] (菜々果) ええ〜 ミッチー 超ピンチ Absolute (2017)
Yes.[JA] ええ Emotions (2017)
Yes, sure.[JA] ええ もちろん Confrontation (2017)
What? Are you insulting me?[JA] ええ〜 悪口? Ready (2017)

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