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When Daniel inevitably falters as the head of Grayson Global, the board is sure to welcome you back with open arms.เมื่อใดที่แดเนียลขาดความมั่นใจ ในฐานะประธานของ Grayson Global บอร์ดบริหารจะต้องให้คุณ กลับเข้าไปบริหารอย่างแน่นอน Power (2013)
- Could it be chelicerae arthropods? - Keep going.- Vielleicht die Nachfaltersammlung? The Shroud of Rahmon (2000)
The most explicit example for this is the larvae of the Silver-spotted Skipper, which feed on sheep's fescue grass, which in turn is never allowed to grow too plentifully by grazing cows.Ein Beispiel sind die Raupen des Komma-Dickkopffalters, die sich von Schaf-Schwingel ernähren, der von grasenden Kühen niedrig gehalten wird. The Duke of Burgundy (2014)
H-How many business transactions end with the release of grand monarch butterflies?Wie viele Geschäftsvorgänge enden mit der Entstehung eines großen MonarchfaltersA Chic Bar in Ibiza (2014)

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
falters    (v) (f oo1 l t @ z)

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
schwanken | schwankend | schwanktto falter | faltering | falters [Add to Longdo]

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