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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
辞退[じたい, jitai] (n,vs,adj-no) declining; refusal; nonacceptance; turning down; withdrawal (e.g. candidacy); pulling out (e.g. race); excusing oneself; (P) [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
辞退[cí tuì, ㄘˊ ㄊㄨㄟˋ, 退 / 退] to dismiss; to discharge; to fire [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
May I excuse myself from receiving the Akutagawa Prize?芥川賞の受賞を辞退したいのですが。
No gratuity accepted.お心付けはご辞退いたします。
Many people declined the invitation to the reception.多くの人がその歓迎会への招待を辞退した。
I want to excuse myself from the work.私はその仕事を辞退したい。
I must excuse myself from the task, because I am unequal to it.私はその仕事を辞退しなければならないなぜならそれに私は耐えられないからです。
I declined his invitation to dinner.私は彼の夕食の誘いを辞退した。
The shirt she apparently seriously thought suited me I turned down and decided to accept a light blue polo shirt.本気で似合うと思っていたらしいシャツは辞退し、淡いブルーのポロシャツをいただくことにした。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
- You got fired.[CN] - 你被辞退 Love Story (1970)
I-I never fired anybody in my life, man.[CN] 我这辈子还没有辞退过人 伙计 Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
If I decline the honor of being in attendance to you, believe me...[JA] ご辞退す る に 忍びないの です が War and Peace, Part III: The Year 1812 (1967)
Why did you get laid off?[CN] 你为什么会被辞退 My Left Foot (1989)
Clive? What about me?[CN] 你不能对我像辞退一个女服务员那样 The Sleeping Tiger (1954)
They still live with their servants, who probably know so much of Rucastle's past that he finds it difficult to part from them.[CN] 他们还跟仆人住在一起 大概被他们知道太多他的过去 难以再辞退他们 The Copper Beeches (1985)
Technically, he'll withdraw himself, but yes.[JA] 形式上は辞退だがね Chapter 2 (2013)
Maybe we should sack him.[CN] 应辞退他吗 Rogue Trader (1999)
The guy you fired? ![CN] 给你辞退的人 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)
- Maybe you should be fired.[CN] - 或者你该被辞退 Gilda (1946)
- Her Majesty's Secret Service.[CN] -辞退英国特工处的工作 On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
I could lose my job.[CN] 我会给辞退 Hard Eight (1996)
Now, once he withdraws, we have to move quickly. We'll make a joint statement, as you proposed.[JA] 彼の辞退後 すぐに共同声明を出す Chapter 11 (2013)
I'll give up conducting for the music festival You guys are on your own[JA] 音楽祭の指揮は辞退すっから 君達だげで行ってけろ Swing Girls (2004)
His hot temper always gets him sacked[CN] 他的性情暴躁,经常被人辞退 {\cH00FFFF}{\3cH000000}His hot temper always gets him sacked Kidnap (1974)
Why did you dismiss Abigail Williams?[CN] 你为什魔要辞退爱比威廉丝? The Crucible (1996)
I got laid off.[CN] 我给辞退 My Left Foot (1989)
He resigned last week[CN] 他在上星期辞退 Space Truckers (1996)
Just last week I had to let a girl go. Very beautiful, too.[CN] 上星期我辞退一个很漂亮的女孩 Belle de Jour (1967)
You're fired.[CN] 你被辞退 Vipère au poing (2004)
Doinel![CN] *此人是《偷吻》中 安托万的上司 当时安托万在被他辞退后 也做了一名电视维修工 - 杜瓦内尔! Bed & Board (1970)
I could fire you right now.[CN] 你知道我今晚就可以辞退 La Cérémonie (1995)
But if you fail you don't get diddly.[JA] もし、辞退しても... ...弱虫じゃない Brewster's Millions (1985)
Council, ministers, I must decline.[JA] 議員の皆さん ご提案を辞退します Star Trek (2009)
A spirited refusal.[JA] 勇ましい辞退 Pompeii (2014)
Head said she had to dismiss resisting arrest, do you know why?[CN] 赫德说,她不得不辞退 拒捕,你知道为什么吗? Normal Life (1996)
Please allow me to excuse myself from the task of observing the Chief.[JA] 課長を監視する役目は 辞退させていただきます Episode #1.4 (2013)
Not to brag or anything, but I was chosen as one of three finalists in the General Motors Young Engineers Competition.[JA] 自慢するつもりは無いケド 俺は3人の決勝進出者のうちの1人だったんだ ゼネラル・モーターズ・ヤング・エンジニア カップでね! 結局、辞退したんだけど・・・ Love Don't Cost a Thing (2003)
I mean, I was told to terminate.[CN] 不然他们就叫我辞退你了 Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but he doesn't want to be a Starfighter.[JA] ところが驚くなよ 彼はスター・ファイターを 辞退する The Last Starfighter (1984)
Am I to understand you're actually declining the honour of becoming a Starfighter?[JA] つまりスター・ファイターを 辞退するわけで The Last Starfighter (1984)
We want you to disclaim your interest in the settlement, voluntarily.[JA] 和解金を受け取る権利を 辞退してほしいの Because I Know Patty (2007)
I got knifed, so I resigned.[CN] 我中刀了,所以我被辞退 A Moment of Innocence (1996)
Then wipe him and start over. This man declined the Nobel Peace Prize.[JA] 記憶を消して、 白紙状態にもどせ。 こいつはノーベル平和賞を辞退した。 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
I was fired so the company could claim that I no longer worked there.[CN] 我是被辞退的, 这样公司就可以说我不在那里干了 The Rainmaker (1997)
You sent a secret directive to the Met's Air Unit ordering them to decline all MI5 requests, didn't you?[JA] 君は秘密の指令 メッツ航空部隊を送った 全部のMI5の要請を 辞退しろと命令しなかったか? MI-5 (2015)
We respectfully decline.[JA] 謹んで 辞退します Bastille Day (2004)
Well, Zaizen must resign now.[CN] 如此一来 财前就得辞退教授职务了 The Great White Tower (1966)
He needs to officially withdraw to put pressure on Walker.[JA] - さあ 正式に辞退させねば Chapter 11 (2013)
I'm gonna turn it down. You don't have to leave.[JA] 私は辞退する ここに残って Chapter 4 (2013)
Oh, she told me it was time to tell Walden... that I could no longer be a candidate for V.P.[JA] 副大統領にそろそろ出馬辞退をと Broken Hearts (2012)
So you think I should turn it down?[JA] 辞退しろと? Chapter 4 (2013)
- And you trying to do the right thing doesn't change the fact that you gave your word.[CN] 这是要被辞退 Brooklyn Housing (2017)
Isn't it also true, Mr. Peterson, that shortly before Virginia Hill's murder... my client threatened to remove you from your job?[CN] 那不是真的吗? Peterson先生,在Virginia Hill遇害之前不久 我的当事人威胁说会辞退你的工作的威胁,对吗? Forbidden Sins (1999)
They say they're pleased the D.A. declined to indict their client on charges stemming from the recent fire in one of Nickel's buildings.[JA] 彼らは D. A. が起訴を辞退して満足だと言いました Salvation (2013)
But leave me out.[JA] 私は辞退するから Judge, Jury, Executioner (2012)
I'm glad I fired my coach.[CN] 我辞退过我的教练 Arsène Lupin (2004)
- Which you won't accept.[JA] - ご辞退 Roman Holiday (1953)
I Don't accept resignations.[JA] お前の辞退は断る。 The Price (2008)
Let's start by getting rid of him and save at least one salary".[CN] 让我们首先把他辞退 至少可以省下一份薪水" Let's start by getting rid of him and save at least one salary". The Economy Drive (1980)

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